How to make an Awesome Gluten Free Snacks for Kids
April 11, 2022

Are you looking for gluten free snacks for kids? I found a blueberry snack bar, dipped in white chocolate that is kid friendly. My kids love cereal for breakfast.  This summer though, we have been trying to come up with new things to make for the kids to eat now that school is out.  Every morning I'm met with the same questions, "what's for breakfast? Followed by "what are we doing today?" It's all about the food, snacks, and activities. So, since Cheerios came out with yummy NEW Blueberry Cheerios, I thought I'd make a fun, creative snack bar for them to put in the lunch boxes when they go to camp. The Blueberry Cheerios are made with real blueberry puree and other natural flavors.  Whether they …

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