7 Reasons to Feel Good about your Health
September 10, 2019

I was given these items to facilitate this article, however, all opinions are my own. I've got 7 reasons to feel good about my health. Yep. They came in the mail a while back and I've been playing with them and trying them out.  I can't say I am 100% green all the time.  But I try to eat as much organic produce that I can, I love plant based recipes, and striving towards organic, safe, and natural is the goal here in this house. So, I've got news for you. I am loving some of them!  I love feeling good about myself and that is always a result of putting healthy, green, nourishing, organic products in my body.  Here's 7. Matcha To Go Sticks Matcha has been around …

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How to do the 3 Day Keto Egg Fast
April 23, 2019

This post is sponsored by Happy Egg Co, and all opinions are my own. Spring break came and went and so did my healthy diet.  So, it's time to get back on track and throw myself back into my Keto way of life.  I always feel so much better and clear headed when I do Keto.  It isn't a fad or quick weight loss diet, for me it's a lifestyle. Keto is not as easy as the media makes it out to be; so, if you've never done it, do your research first.  The basic concept of the Keto diet is to consume foods high in fat (healthy fats) and low in carbs. I won't get technical and talk about the specifics like macro nutrient percentage splits, …

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Keto Egg Fast Lemon Cheescake Fat Bombs
March 30, 2019

There are affiliate links in the post, which means that if you click on something and purchase it, I will make a commission. Lately I've been stagnant with my diet.  Part of it is because I cheated and went of course while traveling, which is easy to do. But now I'm back and ready to get back on the Keto bus.  I have given myself a few days to adjust but have recently discovered the 3-5 day Keto Egg Fast. What is an Keto Egg Fast? It's basically when you plateau while on Keto and need to kick start the weight loss by eating eggs and only eggs for 3-5 days.  Sounds fun, right? lol.  If you are intersted in doing the Keto Egg Fast, do some …

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How to Live a Stress Free Life with Natural Vitality
February 13, 2019

This post is sponsored by Natural Vitality, however, all opinions are my own.   This year I promised myself that I'd take better care of myself.  I know, I know, promises, promises. But good health is all about balance. This doesn't happen over night and I have made many mistakes to learn this.  Life can get so stressful that we lose that balance in our lives.  In the moments when we should be taking care of ourselves, we get so stressed and busy, we forget self-care.  But it's progress, not perfection.  I'm always striving for balance and a stress-free life. Taking care of myself means a healthy diet and a healthy mind and body.  I practice the Keto way of life and ease stress by …

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How to Snack When on Keto
October 17, 2018

Thank you to My Keto Snack Box for providing me with delicious snacks.  All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post which means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I will make a commission. Many of you have been asking me about the Keto diet.  The truth is that I am still learning about it.  It's the one diet (when I say diet, I mean a way of life) that takes a lot of research.  But once you figure most of it out, it's cake (carb and sugar free cake, lol). So, one of my downfalls with unhealthy eating and gaining weight is snacking.  As a busy mom of two boys, sometimes it's just easier to snack on their …

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Keto Stir Fried Bok Choy Recipe
October 16, 2018

This is a guest post by Sarah-Jane from yourfriendsj.com. Make your mouth water and your taste buds happy with this Stir Fried Bok Choy  recipe. You can enjoy this with chicken (like I did) or make it vegan by omitting the chicken and just adding more vegetables. On Instagram, I documented one of my grocery hauls and was gushing about how much I loved bok choy and the questions came rushing in! So I thought I’d give you guys this recipe so you can go try it out and learn to love bok choy as much as I do. Bok Choy has so many different vitamins and nutrients in it. Bok Choy contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium (which are essential electrolytes especially when on a ketogenic diet). It also …

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Finding Wellness at Forever Wellness
March 8, 2018

This is a Sponsored Post for Forever Wellness.  I received the 12 week package to facilitate this article.  However, all opinions are my own. I have struggled for years with my weight.  I would lose weight and gain weight on and off regularly.  I know what to do.  I know how to eat.  I'm a professional dieter, but I always equate it to restricting myself. I want everything to happen yesterday.  Therefore, I gain the weight back. So, when I walked into Forever Wellness, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I'm used to drastic weight loss programs. After I met with Mary and discussed the non-evasive SculptLight LED technology, Larissa, the technician conducted the body composition analysis. Mary reviewed my muscle mass, body fat percentage, bone density, …

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