10201525323794342I am a mother to two amazing sons, a 9 year-old who I refer to as Thing 1, a 6 year-old, who I refer to as Thing 2, and a wife to an amazing husband I call Frenchy.  You guessed it, he’s French.  With a mix of Greek, English and French blood flowing through our veins, there is never a dull moment in our house.  We are “passionate” about our lives. We are spirited and animated. My husband and I have been told we are entertaining sometimes leaving people with blank looks on their faces often wondering what they have just encountered. We met on Match.com nine years ago and it was fight at first sight.  We were in love.  With fighting.  So we got married.  After we got tired of fighting we decided to have children, as my biological clock was ticking.  I turned forty and decided that instead of working behind the cosmetics counter, I’d rather be strolling around pushing my designer stroller shopping for lipstick, not selling it. Little did I realize that I was in for a rude awakening.  Being a mother is a little harder than selling lipstick.  And money doesn’t fall from the heavens when you stop working.  

After my first son was born, I actually got bored.  Yes, bored.  But I couldn’t go back to retail hell. It was during nap time that I started writing the book, “Letters To Mom And Dad” I came across letters I had written while working in Europe as a Fashion Model. I became a published author and am inspired  to write more, perhaps another book.  But for now I love to blog about my family and our escapades, Travel, Parenting, Food, and Makeup and anything “green.”

I have learned that to receive hope you must give it.  Because here I speak the truth, even though sometimes it hurts and is embarrassing. I like to add humor to most things which makes them at least 50% more tolerable.  Without humor I am nothing.  I’ve got a lot to laugh about.  I  have some good material.  And some you might think it is well…….crap.  Oh well, the life of a writer, right?

I decided to blog because I needed a place to channel the committee in my head.  It’s a busy place up there where ideas and misconceptions are formed. People are obsessed about and conversations  are made. But I’ve found that through the years other women have felt the same way as I do.  They have thought the same crazy thoughts I’ve had.  They have been insecure and felt judged.  They have judged. The difference is that  most women will not speak up.  They will hold it in, feeling desperate, unappreciated, unworthy, and criticized as a mother.  I will speak up for you.  I will tell you those crazy thoughts and feelings.  But the good news is that none of us will be crazy at the same time on the same day.  Lets heal and feel!  

Feel free to contact me.  I love networking.