10 Fun Ice Cream Desserts
July 1, 2021

July was National Ice Cream Month, and although I'm a few days late, it's never too late to eat ice cream, especially here in Phoenix! It was 121 degrees yesterday. We hit a record this month! If I could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would. I'd have a Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich for breakfast, Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich for lunch, Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich for dinner and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert! No, I'm kidding. That's not healthy at all but a girl can dream, right? Ice cream is my favorite dessert to eat. There are so  many ice cream flavors to try.  My favorite always has stuff inside, like Rocky Road or Pralines and Cream.  All you need is …

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How to make an Easy Red, White, and Blue Dessert
May 11, 2021

I love a good pound cake! It's such a great spring dessert. Add some berries and whipped cream, and I'm set. It's so refreshing and festive. The Fourth of July is coming up along with Memorial Day and I have patriotic desserts on my mind. I was looking for a simple, patriotic dessert to have at a pool party or barbecue and I came up with this delicious Entenmann’s Minis Pound Cake with berries. Who doesn't like Red, White, and Blue Desserts? The kids loved my Berry Shortcake Bar with Entenmann’s Minis Pound Cake, berries, whipped cream, and red, white and blue sprinkles. Entenmann’s knows families are busy so their snack options helps make life easier with the minis being …

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60 + Amazing Easter Desserts for the Whole Family
April 1, 2021

We loved Easter growing up because it meant decadent Greek Easter dinners, or British style Sunday dinners, depending on where we lived. In the UK, when I was growing up, we didn't have Easter Egg Hunts, we had simple chocolate eggs filled with more chocolate. But these days kids have exorbitant Easter baskets. I'm just happy to make some fun Easter desserts and a simple Easter Egg hunt inside the house. Having kids , we make things like keepsake eggs to pass down and cute birds nest. Kids love Easter crafts and Easter Pritables. But they also love Easter desserts like cupcakes, and cakes, chocolate bark and jellybeans. My favorite sweet that comes out during Easter is the Cadbury Mini Eggs. I …

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50 + Divine Carrot Cake Recipes
March 18, 2021

I'm a big carrot cake fan! I think it started when we moved from the U.K. to the U.S. and tried it, along with the traditional American foods and desserts. It was so different, especially the cream cheese frosting. I've loved it ever since. These days, the traditional carrot cake is my favorite. I like it perfectly moist, using grated carrots. But as people have more dietary restrictions, we now have different varieties of carrot cake like gluten free carrot cake, Vegan carrot cake, Paleo carrot cake, air fryer carrot cake, eggless carrot cake and so many more Carrot Cake Recipes. People love baking carrot cakes around Easter as well, like an Easter Bunny Carrot Cake. Check out these …

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50 + Decadent St. Patrick's Day Desserts
February 15, 2021

I love Holidays! It's so much fun to make Holiday desserts and St. Patrick's Day is the perfect Holiday to make DIY craft foods. We did some St. Patrick's crafts and printables. And we've also done St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Traps and St. Patrick's Day activites; some had candy but nothing like the DIY St. Patrick's Day dessert recipes I am about to present to you. MORE ST. PATRICK'S DAY FUN 31 AWESOME ST. PATRICK'S DAY PRINTABLES MY EASY AND FUN LEPRECHAUN TRAP WITH LUCKY CHARMS PATHWAY These are fun and interesting. These are the best St. Patrick's Day desserts you will find. They are great for St. Patrick's Day parties and fun as teacher's gifts. From St. Patrick's Day cakes to St. Patrick's …

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300 + Decadent Valentine's Day Desserts for the Whole Family
January 23, 2021

One of the main reasons I like Valentine's Day is for the sweets.  Not the roses, or the romantic dinners, but for the sweets.  I have a major sweet tooth and Valentine's Day is an excuse for me to indulge. It's always fun to make Valentine's Day desserts and treats. I love this time of year because it makes me want to try new, creative treats like cookies, cupcakes and cakes.  The kids absolutely love it too, along with crafts and Valentine boxes for school. My favorite Valentine's treats are chocolate covered strawberries and anything with whipped cream. I love anything chocolate, like chocolate cake, Red Velvet Cake (has cocoa), white chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate, chocolate fondue, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. …

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Valentine's Cookie Pops Using Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints
January 13, 2021

Girl Scout season is has come and gone.  It's a sad day for some people, but not me. The hustle and bustle of cookie sales has over welcomed it's stay with me as I cannot stop stuffing my face with Samoa's. Sa - Mo -Whoa is me! So, I figured out a way to get rid of them.  Eh hem, I mean- give beautiful Valentine's cookie Pops.  We love making DIY Valentine's Day sweet treats and giving them as Valentine's Gifts. Valentines treats are my favorite part of Valentine's Day. Girl Scout cookie pops are really easy to make. They make great gifts too. This is a simple 3 ingredient recipe for Valentine's Cookie Pops using Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints.  It's …

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Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts
January 7, 2021

Valentine's Day is coming and 2021 is needing some extra love. Conversation hearts are so uplifting and kind, I thought we had to do something this year including them. Conversation Hearts have been around for years! Sweet love notes made out of candy melts inside a decadent cocoa bomb will make anyone happy to receive. Valentine's Day isn't about the candy for me anymore, it's about the thought. Kids love making the Conversation Starters out of candy melts so they can also be included in this DIY project. Check out DIY Non Candy Valentine’s Conversation Hearts with Recycled Crayons Since Cocoa Bombs are the viral craze right now, why not combine the two? I've already done Christmas Cocoa Bombs, New Year's Eve Cocoa Bombs, …

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Fun Surprise Valentine's Cocoa Bomb
January 2, 2021

There are affiliate links in this post. Lately, I have been obsessed with the new viral Cocoa Bombs (aka Hot Chocolate Bombs) that are all over the internet. We made Christmas Cocoa Bombs, New Year's Eve Cocoa Bombs and my favorite; great for Valentine's Day and New Years, the Proposal Cocoa Bomb. Check out my Conversation Starters Surprise Cocoa Bombs This post is focused on the surprise Valentine's Cocoa Bombs with a hidden surprise. I love surprises, especially jewelry. It's so much fun to watch someone see something pretty that they aren't' expecting. It's one of the joys of giving. Note: This is NOT for children as charms can be choking hazards. One of my favorite parts of making the Cocoa Bomb is …

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