How to Keep your Children's Hands out of their Mouth
July 30, 2021

Oral fixation kids sensory issues are real and now more than ever, we have to be more proactive about our health and find ways to avoid getting sick. I found a product to keep the kids' hands busy and out of their mouth. Now, more than ever, it is so important for everyone to keep their hands out of their mouth, their hands off their face, and to wash their hands. But this is not a habit than many of us are used to yet. What is ARK Therapeutic? ARK Therapeutic sells special need's writing tools, fidgets, chewies and products for oral motor input and sensory stimulation. They also have products that help with hyper activeness and tools for autism. These chewies are great for …

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Essentials for Back to School During Covid-19
July 25, 2021

I have never written a back to school list where I had to consider remote learning as well. Homeschooling during Covid-19 may be a breeze for some parents who have home schooled already but not me! It's a lot to take in. Even with school just two weeks away, I am still uncertain of how things are going to be and what we will need for back to school during Covid-19. We have been buying more disinfecting wipes and taking safety measures when we leave the house like wearing face coverings. We will do remote learning for the first 3 weeks so there is some wiggle room for school supplies. But there are certainly some back to school items we will need …

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Summer Camp Essentials for Kids
May 17, 2021

Summer camp is coming up and we are all excited!  This means some alone time for mommy and the kids get to really enjoy outdoor activities.  How do we know if we are prepared to send them off to camp?  We are entrusting them in someone else's hands, sending them out in the summer heat to play so hard they might forget to drink water.  Most of the time, the camp gives us a check list but sometimes we are not always prepared to buy the right things and end up overspending or buying stuff we don't need. Here are Summer Camp Essentials for Day or Night Campers Baby Face Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 40Water ShoesLarge Personalized BentoEarth Mama Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for kidsFresh Baby …

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5 Questions to ask the Conscious Parent
January 21, 2021

Wow, 2020 has been eyeopening for me when it comes to conscious parenting.  I feel like I have been pushed to my limits; from homeschooling to quarantining.  The stress that Covid-19 has put our world under is unfathomable. This pandemic has changed the course of my kid's life. They will forever remember these years as a time of uncertainty, stress and pain. Losing loved ones just escalates it and being cooped up for weeks has been unbearable. I have definitely been unconscious and totally self absorbed. And disciplining the kids have been harder than ever. It has been rough.  If I ever thought I had lost control, the time would be now. Absolutely everything fell apart this year. …

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