Fun Halloween Treats for the Whole Family
September 10, 2021

I can't wait for Halloween! We start decorating and getting ready in September. I like everything about it but I especially like making fun Halloween treats for the whole family or for parties and dressing up in Halloween Costumes. What to Make for Halloween Treats There are so many options and fun candy and props to make DIY Halloween sweet treats and crafts. One year we made a Pumpkin Pinata!And of course, you can't forget your Halloween Treat Bags and  Halloween Printables! This year I decided to make Sweet Monster Rolls for our easy Halloween treats.  The most important ingredients are the rolls, of course.  I love sweet rolls with dinner, especially King's Hawaiian Dinner Rolls.  They can brighten up any meal with their soft and chewy, …

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The Ultimate Birthday Party with a Ring Pop Pinata
July 31, 2021

Thank you Ring Pop® for sponsoring this post. Read below for step-by-step instructions to create this fun Ring Pop Party Starter activity! I think I’m addicted to having birthday parties. We have had every type of birthday party you can imagine, including at-home celebration parties; except for a Ring Pop birthday party! Who would think that setting up a Birthday Party with a Ring Pop Pinata would be so much fun? The best part? Making a DIY Ring Pop Pinata! You Need 2 Things for A Successful Birthday Party There are two things that are essential for a successful birthday party: goody bags and a piñata. A birthday party is not complete without these two items. Goody Bags I love putting the goody bags together and the kids love …

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How to Have an Easy Kid's Virtual Birthday Party
April 28, 2021

This year has been interesting to say the least. We stayed in most of the time, homeschooling sometimes and had virtual play dates. I set up some quarantine activities and a couple of trips while remote learning. We haven't had any fun Birthday Parties or big family trips in a year. A year ago we had our last Birthday Party at a park. We had just heard about Covid-19 and I knew this could be the last time we get together for a while. But I didn't think it would be a whole year before we had parties with friends and family. This year having an inside Birthday party was out of the question because we didn't want to put anyone in …

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How to have a Virtual Birthday Party + Giveaway
March 9, 2021

My son was turning 7 this month and wanted a party. With people still a little weary about being together, I didn't want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position. But my son wanted a party and after the year we have all had, he deserved it. I've been trying to figure out how to have a Virtual Birthday Party. I'm hoping it will be our last one for a while but I learned a lot doing it. I needed the kid's to be engaged on zoom so I made fun activity kits. I made sure that I packed snacks in the box, since every party needs snacks and made them wait until we were on zoom to open them. The kids …

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Grab a Party Kit and a Cake and Celebrate with LGO Bakery
May 21, 2020

When we had our Birthday party for Oliver, I looked for the best cakes in Phoenix. I usually end up at LGO Bakery, because, really, they have the best cakes in Phoenix! I'm obsessed with LGO Bakery cakes because they are like no other cakes I've ever tasted. They have cakes for any occasion and the executive pastry chef, Andrea Moreno creates the most magical cakes. LGO Bakery is the best bakery in Phoenix. We visit La Grande Orange Cafe regularly and eat their salads and baked goods but right next door at the LGO Bakery, the cakes are a whole other world! They have the most delicious, best quality cakes I have ever tasted. The red velvet cake is …

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5 Essentials for a Successful Birthday Party at a Park
April 8, 2020

My son was turning 6 years-old and having a Birthday Party with his friends at the park was really important to him this year. He's finally building relationships and wanted to have all his new friends celebrate with him. Arizona weather is perfect for a party at a park! We had a LEGO Themed party when we lived in Florida and a TMNT party, both at the park which that turned out well. This year he wanted a Lego Ninjago theme party, then a Unicorn theme party for the girls, and then he added a Sonic the Hedgehog theme to the party. I, being a perfectionist, really wanted to do one theme but I decided to let him have it all. …

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How to have a TMNT Party for a Four-Year-Old
February 1, 2020

I love doing Birthday parties for my kids.  It’s fun to organize, brings out the creativity in me and makes me feel like a kid again! Last year we had a very successful LEGO Themed party for my three-year-old.  This year he’s turning four-years-old and wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed party.  I can’t say I was happy he chose that, especially since he doesn’t watch it or even know what it is.  He must have heard of it from school or maybe saw his brother play a Ninja Turtles game.  Either way, I was disappointed. I was hoping Unicorns or Superheroes.  A mom can dream, can't she? So, I brainstormed and thought of a way to have a toned-down Ninja Turtle themed party while …

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5 Essentials to having a Successful Indoor Birthday Party
October 15, 2018

We have always had our Birthday parties at parks or indoor venues.  Birthdays are such a big deal to my boys.  We actually celebrate for a whole week. Since moving to Phoenix, we have a big house with a yard, something we did not have in Florida, so my son wanted to have a Birthday party at home. Yes, this would take preparation but it was really exciting too to have friends and family at our home.  It got me wondering. There were a few things to think of though; how would be keep the kids busy and out of the house for the majority of the time? Would we do games and activities? What would we serve for food? A lot of the party …

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