Amazing Earth Day Activities for Kids
July 31, 2021

Earth Day is every day around here, but the official day is April 22nd.  I did not grow up educated about how to keep a healthy, sustainable environment and environmental protection. Recycling was not big in our house either, until I moved out on my own.  When I started college, I learned about  global warming, deforestation, and pollution.  Today, I take my kids to "beach clean ups" and we recycle, especially reusing boxes and containers to store toys and nick knacks. I recently visited Costa Rica and planted a tree! It felt so good to know that I was making a difference. Costa Rica knows how to take care of their country. They know how to teach their kids on how to be environmentally friendly. The kids and …

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How to Make Easy Origami for Kids
April 11, 2021

There may be affiliate links in this post. My boys love making origami. There are so many benefits to making origami, like eye hand co-ordination, spatial skills, memory and it also helps with fine motor skills. Origami is the traditional Japanese game of folding elaborately designed paper (origami crafts) into a myriad of shapes, usually plants, animals, and other living things. The best thing about origami is that all you need is an imagination and a piece of paper. Recently, I had a virtual Birthday party for my son, and he taught his friends how to make an origami fortune teller. It was a blast! It's amazing how a simple paper folding craft for kids can entertain my kids for hours, and they can …

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St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids
February 15, 2021

c We are British so St. Patrick's Day was never big in our house. But then we had kids and kids love St. Paddy's activities so here we are. There are so many fun kid friendly things for them to do at home and help their fine motor skills that will get their creative juices flowing. Kids love rainbows of color but for this special day they like anything colored green, like green food, green shamrocks, green candy and green clovers. This can usually be accomplished by using green food coloring. Of course they love wearing green too. Kids love colorful rainbows, lucky charms cereal, and gold coins (or pot o gold) and printables. So, dive into these fun St. Patrick Day crafts …

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