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About the Author

Lucee Santini was born in London, England to an English mother and a Greek father. Later, they moved to the United States where she spent sixteen years in Phoenix, Arizona. When she was 24, she moved to Miami Beach with just a free ticket and a friend’s apartment to crash at. After a brief modeling career in Miami Beach, she worked the night clubs and then became a makeup artist. Later she met her husband who is from the South of France and they now reside in Phoenix with their two sons. She has always had a passion for writing and have excelled in it through the years, graduating from FAU with a degree in Criminal Justice.


Growing up, Zoe always thought being a fashion model was the most glamorous job in the world, until 1993, when she ends up in a models’ hotel in Athens, Greece. At 21, she thinks she has it all figured out. Not so! Follow Zoe’s journey through the comical situations she finds herself in, from her overprotective landlord’s list of rules, her improvised dance club “performance,” and her attempt to go to Milan with only $50 in her pocket.
Throughout her bumpy ride into the wonderful world of modeling, she writes her parents letters as a journal of her experiences. While being exposed to a world of glamour and lies, she finds herself realizing how insecure she really is despite her beauty. But it really all starts when she moves to the United States at eight-years-old to chase what her father called “The American Dream.”

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