Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes
May 16, 2020

There are affiliate links in this post. It's been a few days since I started Weight Watchers and I am so pumped up! I've done it before and lost 25 lbs. I also quit smoking at the same time! I've always struggled with portion control so Weight Watchers really works for me. It also works for me because I don't have to deprive myself, which is usually why I fall off the wagon. You can find some great Weight Watchers recipes out there. Of course my first post was on Weight Watchers dessert because I have such a weakness for sweets. But in real life, I can't survive off of desserts and must pull my big girl panties up and …

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Top Weight Watchers Desserts
May 13, 2020

I started Weight Watchers two days ago! I'm pretty excited because I know it works. I just want to stay healthy at home. This time I'm doing a diet during the Covid-19 outbreak. I did Weight Watchers about 15 years ago and lost about 30 lbs. This time I'm going for 50lbs before 50 years-old and I will be doing Weight Watchers at home most of the time. It sounds crazy to say that but I need to get healthy, for myself and for my family. I think it's the best diet to do while quarantining due to Covid-19. This virus has kicked my butt emotionally and I have been eating up a storm! I don't know how to eat healthy …

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