Pura Vida's Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
October 19, 2017

This is a Sponsored Post. However, all opinions are my own.  There are affiliate links in this post which means if you purchase a beautiful Pura Vida bracelet, I will receive commission. October is breast cancer awareness month, and Pura Vida Bracelets supports breast cancer awareness by donating to  Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC). Boarding for Breast Cancer is a non-profit foundation that advocates early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention. Founded in 1996, B4BC empowers young people to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through outreach, prevention and support programs. A portion of the bracelets included below, which Pura Vida are offering to increase breast cancer awareness, will be donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer. You can …

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Staying Fashionable in Florida's Summer Weather
May 23, 2017

This summer seems to be creeping up fast and furiously.  The weather is more unpredictable than ever. I am greeted by mosquitoes and humidity when I step outside.  It just makes me want to hibernate inside. I find myself walking around in tanks and cut offs.  I like loungewear.  It's just easier that way.  But it's also easy to get in a fashion rut when your too hot to bother with trying. I have so many beautiful clothes that just sit in the closet because I just want what's easy to slip on. At 46, I've been realizing that I can't just leave the house in tanks and cut offs or sweats anymore.  These are the clothes that reflect who I am; laid back and on …

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FEELING YOUTHFUL Again With 3Wishes.com
April 4, 2017

I often think about how my life would have turned out, had I stayed living in Miami.  There is so much life there from the Clubs to the Beaches, you can feel the youthful vibe everywhere.  The song, "Welcome to Miami," by Will Smith says it all. So, as I reflect on my young, carefree days, I remember fashion back then.  In the late 90's everything was about Aliens.  From wallets to shirts to stickers. Alien Top - $35.95 & FREE Shipping Aliens were big and sort of reflected the futuristic techno/trance music that was popular.  But guess what?  Their back!  3Wishes.com has the latest fashion trends for any age.  Just because I'm 46 years-old doesn't mean I can't enjoy the same clothes I wore from my youth.  …

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Urban Market Bags
January 15, 2017

I always try to remember to bring bags to use at the farm or grocery store.  The farm I go to requests that you bring your own.  But they will also give you boxes if needed that they are recycling.  Aldi also expects you to bring your own bags. I still use plastic bags for dirty diapers and such.  I don't spend money on the fancy plastic bags.  It's not necessary and it's wasteful.  I gave away my Diaper Genie for this reason. But it would be nice to have a cute reusable bag for groceries and such. I found these reusable shopping bags called Urban Market Bags and took one on my trip with me for the holidays.  It was my emergency bag in case I …

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