Sivana Wide Leg River Pants
October 3, 2015

These pants  are awesome! I fell in love with Sivana when I first came across their beanie hats.  Then I  received the Hamsa Poncho Tunic and fell in love with their clothes. They also have the cutest accessories and yoga wear. It all looks so comfy and easy to wear. There used to be an ongoing joke about my appearance when I worked at Saks Fifth Ave for Armani Beauty.  I pulled it off somehow but I hated wearing a lot of makeup and if I could go to work in flip flops I would of.  So I wore Colehaan Mary Janes while most of my coworkers wore heals.  I thought I was pretty stylish, especially since Eunice Shriver came to the counter wearing the same shoes.  …

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Victoria Emerson Jewelry
July 8, 2015

I am completely in love with Victoria Emerson's Wraps!  I am hooked (literally).  I have seen her wraps around for a while now and I always wondered what kind of quality they were, if they were leather, and if she offered anything else besides wraps. Well, I am so excited that I had an opportunity to review some of her jewelry.  It is truly stunning and can dress up anything; from a little black dress to cut off shorts.  They go with everything.  Above is the Smoked Quartz On Ivory 100% hand made wrap on ivory leather.  The picture above does not do it justice as it really sparkles and adds so much to a any look. I also received this beautiful Gold Plated Quartz Pendant Necklace. …

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LavHa Essential Oil Jewelry
June 24, 2015

Essential Oils are a hot commodity these days.  They've been known for their healing properties but lately seem to get a lot more respect. Oil diffusers are popular and there is more of a buzz about essential oils.   That's because their healing benefits are limitless.  This is why I dab a little Lavender Oil in my body lotion as I prepare for bed.  I also use it in my hand cream.  It relaxes me. The same goes for stones.  Through the centuries, different cultures have used stones for various different things.  I've used my rose quartz for sleeping putting it under my pillow.  I've also used it for my relationship with my husband.  Sometimes it's not just the vibrations and energy they possess but the …

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Bohemian Island Harem Pants
May 12, 2015

I love anything bohemian and yoga-ish.  I am a free spirit and hippie at heart.   And I practice yoga when I can.  My favorite is Restorative Yoga.  Ooohhh do I feel amazing after! I like vibrant colors when it comes to clothing.  I am attracted to the beautiful bright colors and comfy laid back look.  If I could live in tank tops and harem pants I would. So when I decided to review a pair of White Peacock Harem Pants, I was thrilled.  As I surfed their website, the choices became increasingly harder.  But I kept going back to the Peacock Harem Pants.   I couldn't wait to get them! When they arrived they were as pretty in person as they are online.  No disappointments there.  But honestly, …

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Sivana (
April 23, 2015

I discovered this website by pure accident.  But once I went there...I went there. I tried their Hamsa Poncho Tunic.  It's pictured here on the left.  As you can see it's absolutely beautiful. Their clothes are amazing!  Sivana is famous for their Om Beanies. They sell anything Yoga related- jewelry, clothes, India Imports, and Tibitian Arts.  They also carry anything related to Meditation such as incense, beads, malas, and books. Brothers Ben and Sam's mission statement is: With eastern philosophy rooted in the core of Sivana, we aim to bring you comfort in your journey discovering the ancient practice of yoga and your movement towards sustainable living.  They grew up in Scottsdale, Az (where I'm from). We might have crossed paths at a few Funk Junky warehouse …

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