Creating Positive Change: School Behavior Contracts for Student Success
Parenting - July 29, 2023

Check out the benefits of school behavior contracts and how they can be used as effective classroom management and behavior modification tools.

angry boy at school for School Behavioral Contracts for Student Success

As the new school year approaches, it’s essential for parents, teachers, and students to work together to set clear expectations for behavior. One effective tool to achieve this is a “Behavior Contract.” A behavior contract is a written agreement that outlines specific behavior expectations, target behaviors, and the positive reinforcement or consequences associated with them. 

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Whether you have a high school student or a younger one, behavior contracts can be tailored to fit different purposes and play a significant role in promoting positive change and academic success. 

Check out the benefits of school behavior contracts and how they can be used as effective classroom management and behavior modification tools.

1. What is a School Behavior Contract?

  • Understanding the concept of a behavior contract template.
  • How it serves as a partnership agreement between students, parents, and teachers.
  • The different purposes it can serve in both middle and high school settings.
  • Printable behavior contracts in PDF format and Google Docs.

2. Setting Specific Behavior Goals

  • Identifying the desired behavior and the specific goals to achieve it.
  • Tailoring behavior contracts to target behaviors for individual students.
  • Using behavior contracts for positive behavior changes and improvement.

3. Positive Reinforcement and Rewards from School Behavior Controls

  • Exploring the benefits of using positive reinforcement in behavior contracts.
  • Creating a list of rewards to motivate students towards positive behaviors.
  • How a behavior contract can incorporate a chore list and extra incentives.

4. Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

  • Understanding the importance of consequences in behavior management.
  • Penalty clauses and loss of privileges as part of the process.
  • The role of classroom discussion in resolving honest disagreements.

5. Collaborating with Parents and Teachers

  • Involving parents in the behavior contract process.
  • The significant role of school administrators and special education in implementing behavior contracts.
  • How behavior contracts can be adapted for students with unique needs.

6. Components of an Effective School Behavior Contract

  • The first step: Establishing clear expectations and minimum conditions.
  • Specific behavior modification plans and intervention strategies.
  • Consequence of success: How to reinforce positive behavioral intervention.

7. Implementing the School BehaviorContract

  • Detailing the time period for which the contract will be in effect.
  • Ensuring sufficient detail in the behavior contract to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Integrating behavior contracts as part of the classroom’s daily routine.

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