How to make Fasalakia Freska (Greek Green Beans and Potatoes) - My Yia Yia's Recipe
February 18, 2017

Do you love Greek food? My Greek roots keep me circling back to my Yia Yia's cooking and one dish that stands out is the Greek Green Beans and Potatoes recipe. Picture this: Athens, Greece, 1979.  I've had a long day at the local beach with my cousins.  We come home, eat some watermelon and have our siesta. How it all Started Around four p.m. we are woken up by the aroma of my Yia Yia's cooking; specifically Fasalakia Freska.  It is the best smell ever, the kind that lingers throughout the house.  I could hear her telling the dogs to get out of the kitchen while they were at her feet hoping for food to fall. Sophie, our Great Dane. She kept us safe but was a teddy …

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