Zen Parents, Happy Baby: Your Quick Newborn Care Book For The Basics: Survive and Enjoy The First Year, Know How to Deal With Feeding Baby, Easily Calm The Crying, and Help Baby to Sleep Better [Kindle Edition] by Anna Andersen
Free Daily Books - November 29, 2014

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How can I master the basics: feed my baby, calm the crying and help my newborn to sleep better?

At the time of the birth of a firstborn child, 60% of mothers and 80% of fathers do not feel confident in feeling adequately prepared for their new role of being a parent (according to a UNICEF survey).

Are you desperate to stop the never-ending crying of your infant?

Do you ever feel guilty that you’re the fortunate parent of a beautiful baby who sometimes just drives you completely insane?

Are the sleepless nights, poop-filled days, and the lack of support from your significant other leaving you overwhelmed?

Well, at some point during the first few weeks almost every mom will find herself completely exhausted, praying for the crying to stop, and realizing that she never thought it would be that hard….
I have written this very short guide to share my tips as a mother of two on how to not just survive but actually ENJOY the first year

You can read a lot on parenting an infant, but no matter how much you want to prepare yourself, your baby will always be unique and bring up unexpected challenges. Therefore I believe that it all comes down to learning the basics on how to approach this beautiful adventure the right way:
1. If you can learn to better deal with stress in general, you will be a more energized and relaxed parent.

2. Babies have very basic needs: eat, sleep, comfort, and love. Master this and you will be a hero on the battlefields of parenting.

This book does not teach you in detail how to handle every situation with a baby such as how to bathe them, what vaccines are needed when, or how to put on a diaper properly. You should refer to a complete newborn guide for that. This book is written for busy new moms. It only focuses on the essentials: your mindset and the basics for the baby (feeding, sleeping, and comforting).

Here you will learn:

• how to feel less irritable, more relaxed, and be more patient with your little one

• how to stop feeling guilty if you don’t love every second or always feel ecstatic as you thought a new mother should

• tricks to calm and comfort almost any cries

• how to bring new habits into your life that will help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep

• understand the basics of infant feedings

More important than anything else, you can become more confident about your own mommy instincts and react with more patience.

Don’t blindly enter into parenthood and don’t let the first months ruin your perceptions of yourself as a parent. The mixed feelings you can experience during this time are probably the most difficult part for any new parent. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge those different emotions, and hopefully even learn how to share them. Take the first step to inform yourself and feel immediately relieved that you aren’t the only one dealing with the ups and downs of life with a newborn.

It’s time to become a more relaxed parent!

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This book also comes with very useful cards of parenting tips to help you deal with the most common issues.

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