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The Natural Fabric Softerner

There is an ongoing joke in my house about our clothes changing color due to my lack of homemaking capabilities. I do laundry because I have to. I try not to discolor or shrink my husbands clothes but the inevitable always happen. Give me some detergent or bleach and I’ll wash the clothes! That’s right…

Drying them is not too different than washing them. I try to look at labels to make sure I don’t shrink a silk shirt or forget something should be hung dry and not tumbled dried into a mini version but again, the inevitable always happens.
Some people make it a fine art, buying fabric softener and fancy smelling detergent. Like I said, it’s not something I thought too much about until I had children. Then I had to pay attention to what I was washing the clothes with.
I was happy to try Woolzies because I knew it would make my job easier. With a family of four, I do at least one load a day, sometimes three or four.
After the first load of laundry I noticed the difference right away. I didn’t even take the clothes out straight away, maybe half an hour later. Because that’s how I roll…But when I took them out they were not as wrinkled as they usually are. The clothes were dry and very soft. They were different. Then I put a couple drops of lemon oil on a couple of the balls and dried the clothes for ten minutes. My husband even commented on how nice his clothes smelled.

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How do Woolzies work?
They bounce around (preferably 6) in your dryer creating space between the clothes which allows the clothes fry faster cutting down the drying time to 25%.

Why should you use Woolzies?
If you care about the environment and health of your family (I know this sounds harsh) you will use them. Standard fabric softeners (dry and liquid) have a lot of chemicals that can effect people with allergies. Also, they destroy the fire retardant qualities in children’s and adult’s clothing. Woolzies also help reduce static and helps eliminate wrinkles.

How long will they last?
1000 loads!!!!!!!  Guarenteed!

I am allergic to wool so I can’t use them.
Yes you can! I’m allergic to wool (itch, itch, grrrrrr) but since they don’t’ have direct contact with your skin, you are safe.

I like my laundry scented!
Soft-By-Nature-1109-682x1024The Woolzies website sells 100% pure oils. My favorite is the lavender. Just add a couple drops to a couple of the balls and throw them in the dryer for ten minutes after drying clothes completely. They offer four scents:  Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus Citriodora, and Orange.

Guess what?

Woolzies are handmade from fine New Zealand wool!

Guess what else?
They are hypoallergenic!

Where can I buy Woolzies?

Want to try Woolzies for FREE? Enter to win HERE

I can honestly say that I am totally loving my Woolzies and I am hooked for life! They are awesome and I love the lavender scent, so relaxing, especially nice for the baby’s clothes.

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