Why Inclusive Playgrounds Help with My Kid’s Social Skills
Blog - October 29, 2018

two kids playing on a landscape structure playground

This post was sponsored by Landscape Structures as part of a Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I have boys.  Busy, active, social, athletic and rambunctious boys.  They love being outside and they love playgrounds.  They also like interacting with others.

empty playground structure in arizonaBefore I had children, I never understood my friends who had kids that were always outside.  They never stayed home.  It wasn’t until I had children that I understood.  My boys especially like playing at inclusive playgrounds. Inclusive playgrounds have the equipment that help them develop physical, cognitive, sensory and social skills.  By being outside it gives them an opportunity to grow, have fun, and make new friends.  This is where they learned most of their social skills until they went to school.

kid hanging on a rope attached to play structure

My kids are not the kind of kids that play alone. They like to socialize and be adventurous. But they both have different needs.  One son is more adventurous than the other.  One son needs more help when climbing.  But when they are playing with other children they get a confidence boost and making friends with others helps them discover things they have never tried.

girl and boy playing on a structure on playground

They learn to take turns on toys that they would monopolize if they were alone.

empty playground in arizona

We found this beautiful park by Landscape Structures in Mesa called Desert Arroyo Park.  The view is particularly pretty with cacti and mountains behind it.

girl hanging upside down on wire on playground

Landscape Structures create play environments where all kids can play together. Inclusive playgrounds provide a platform for social equity and encourage the interactions that shape kids into thinkers, dreamers and leaders.

two kids playing on a landscape structure playground

Inclusive play gives my children learn life lessons such as leadership, persistence, support and empathy.  Although, they learn these things from each other, a brother-brother relationship is far different than building friendships with other children. One of my sons need more sensory stimulating activities than my other son. Landscape Structures knows this and builds their playgrounds to support sensory-stimulating activity. My boys also learn to share and look out for others when playing at the park.

Spinning seems to be the thing with my seven year-old.  I think he enjoyed this more than anything else at this park.  If my four year old was there he would have been taking turns going down the slides.  Inclusive playgrounds are great for all ages and different developmental needs.

empty playground in arizona

Don’t forget October is Sensory Awareness Month. Visit an Inclusive Playground visit  to find an inclusive playground near you visit playlsi.com.  

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  1. My kids love going to the park! It’s great for them to get exercise and tire themselves out. They can be as loud as they want and playing encourages learning. I’m glad that you live in a climate where your kids can play year round!

  2. I love seeing kids getting out to play. It is so important for developmental skills and like you said, social skills. These inclusive playgrounds are so nice, I would love to take my kids there.

  3. Playground play can be so very important. I know my daughter struggled with it when she was younger. I know being an only child probably contributed to that. But it did make her a better person in the long run.

  4. My daughter loves going to the park, and it’s a really great way for the entire family to get out of the house. We get to get some fresh air, some much-needed exercise, and best of all family time!

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