Why I have to watch EVERYTHING I say.
Blog - November 10, 2014

This article is hilarious but it’s also true in the sense that words do carry a lot of weight.  My son refuses to use the potty. I’m tired of changing two kid’s diapers all day! I know, I know , I signed up for this BUT seriously!  Let me tell you that it is nasty to change a three year old’s diaper!  I’ve tried all the methods.  But when my other son was born he regressed.  So what do I say?

“Did you poop?” I say.

He squeels with delight and runs away from me…

“DONT TOUCH ME!” he screams waving his hands in the air.  And then he stands there looking at me with “that face.”

I just want to wisk him up and throw him on the potty but it’s too late.  Sigh.

“Your a big boy now!  Big boys don’t wear diapers.” I say as I change him, very fustrated.
Then I feel bad because I know he just wants to stay mommy’s baby like his baby brother.  I have read all the stuff about potty training…blah blah blah he’s just not ready.  I’ve got to let it go, right?  I can’t always come up with the perfect things to say when I’m fustrated but I’m sure that is not one of them.  When he wants to be a big boy he will be a big boy.

If I’m not sure how what I am about to say will affect him, then maybe I should not say it at all.  There you go.  Problem solved.

This article gives you 16 things on what not to say to your child.  Mine is probably the 17th.

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