Why Greece is a one of the Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe
Blog - May 7, 2019

beautiful buildings on a Greek island

Greece is probably my favorite country to visit in Europe.  The fact that I am half Greek probably makes me bias. I grew up visiting my Yia Yia every summer in Glyfada, Athens, a beautiful beach town on the outskirts of Athens.  I can still hear the watermelon truck passing by during our siesta and feasting on it after a long day at the beach.  To this day, the smell of Coppertone takes me back to my youth, playing with my cousins on the beach. I have the best memories of visiting the islands and spending time with my family.

three donkies on a Greek island

Best Time to Visit

A lot of people visit during the summer months, but it is hot.  Not to worry, the beautiful beaches will cool you down!

April and May are probably the cheapest months and July and August are the busiest and most expensive times to go; this is high season. But even during high season it’s not that expensive.  Greece has always been cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck, or should I say Euro.

open wood door to a building with stairs on Greek islandTake a Ferry

I suggest taking a ferry to an island or two.  We took a cheap ferry to three islands in one day with lunch onboard.

white church on Greek island with yellow and red entranceWalk the Islands

There are beautiful buildings and architecture on the islands too.  You can visit the local church and the little shops on the islands.  The Greeks are friendly and helpful.

donkies walking on a Greek island

You can see Greek culture at its finest on the islands.  And you don’t need to go to the big ones, like Mykonos to see the beauty and culture of Greece.  I loved Aegina, which is known for its pistachios.

old man plahing the accordian on the streets in Athens GreeceYou don’t have to spend money to see the Greek culture.  Just take a walk in the streets of Athens and there is plenty to see without spending money.  Of course, most people visit the Acropolis.

pin for why Greece is one of the cheapest countries to visit

People Watching is Cheap

People watching is cheap! I could just sit at a cafe with a frappe in hand and people watch all day.  It is one of the most interesting and affordable places to visit.  Which island will you visit?

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