Why Fresh Produce is Essential for Canning
Blog - July 11, 2018

This is a Sponsored Post for Ball with Everywhere Agency.  However, all opinions are my own.

I love preserving food and canning. Whether it be making jam, meal prepping, or simply storing beans and pasta.  It is a no-brainer for a busy mom like myself.  But what’s the point in canning if you’re not using the freshest ingredients? Why would you can and preserve something that is not at its freshest? And where do you find the freshest ingredients?

I have purchased my fruits and veggies from grocery stores and either scrubbed them or purchased organic only to be disappointed by the quality. So, I started going to Farmers Markets. I like to learn about where the produce is locally grown, and get to know the people.   I love going to Farmers Markets.  I look forward to Saturday mornings just for this reason.  There’s nothing like getting up early and walking around a Farmers Market and be greeted by smiling faces and beautiful produce.

When I walk up and down the isles looking at all my options, I visualize what I could can. There are so many possibilities!

So many beautiful choices of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s hard to decide.  I want to buy everything!  There are so many options with canning.  Jams and sauces are my favorite.

I like organizing lentils and beans and pasta for future meals.  It really helps me feel prepared and visually I can see what I am picking out.

Ball Mason Jars are also convenient for storing plant based supplements, such as Moringa. They offer BPA-free lids and help preserve the freshness of the supplements.

This time at the Farmers Market, I found some beautiful produce to make my meal prep for the week. I’ve recently started doing a low carb diet and found that I feel much more energized, especially because I am not eating processed food.

My new favorite low carb meal is a wedge salad with homemade blue cheese dressing.  And the best way to make it for my diet is with Ball Mason Jars for canning.

This helps with measuring and preparing meals for the week, usually at least four jars makes four servings.  I know how much I am eating, I know when it was made, and it stays fresh inside the Ball jars. I also like to separate my dressing in another jar, so I have it also measured out.

Now is the time to start canning! Whether it is making jam or meal prepping, Target has some great deals like the $2 off/12-pk via Target Cartwheel.

If you want to learn how to can there are plenty of resources to learn from.  You can learn how to  make jam here.
Don’t forget to shop your local Farmers Market to get the freshest ingredients. The first step is finding your Ball Mason Jars at your local retailer. There are some great deals.  What are you ready to make?

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