Woman Over 40 Should Wear Giorgio Armani Foundation
Blog - November 9, 2023

Find out why every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Foundation. Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation is great for mature and aging skin. Trust me, you will be hooked after your first bottle.

Giorgio Armani Foundation

It is interesting that after all my years of working in cosmetics as a makeup artist and now blogging about cosmetics that I have circled back to Giorgio Armani Beauty.  Whenever I venture out to try something else, somehow, I come back to it.

woman holding makeup smiling

I’ve gone through the cc cream and bb creams faze. I tried the famous Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. But I always circle back to my favorite foundation, Giorgio Armani Foundation. Woman with mature skin need to pay attention to what foundation they are wearing so this doesn’t happen.

Working in the Cosmetic Field

I worked for Armani Beauty in 2004 for about five years and although I went on to work for other high end cosmetic companies as a makeup artist, I always longed for my Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation

I loved working for different companies like Chanel, Christian Dior, Clinique and Lancome. But I only lasted one day at Mac! Ha!

They never lived up to the expectations that Giorgio Armani Beauty set for me.  I could never achieve “that glow.” As a 45-year-old woman I am faced with the fact that I need makeup to achieve that youthful look. 

Women would sit in my makeup chair and ask for the best foundation for mature skin. I didn’t need to convince them. All I had to do in apply it and let them see for themselves how beautiful the results were.

And although, it is a higher price point, it was never an issue once they saw themselves in the mirror.

Luminous Foundation is like gold in a jar. It’s the best liquid foundation for all types of skin. If you’re looking for foundation for women over forty, you have hit the jackpot. Armani foundation for mature skin is the way to go when looking for a foundation.

Speaking of gold, in addition to the Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation, the Fluid Sheer 10 will give any woman a sun-kissed, bronze glow without looking like she is wearing makeup. 

What Kind of Foundation Should Women over 40 Wear?

That’s a miracle for women like me who hate makeup sitting in their lines, and avoid all things glittery because of it.   Having that natural glow is all us women really want.  Past forty, gone are the days of waking up fresh faced.  We have to work at it now. We are starting to get age spots and fine lines.

In the business, we call them “expression lines.” But the truth is that mature women have different skin texture. Because we get loss of elasticity along with sun damage, we need something that doesn’t sit in the skin.

What is the Luminous Silk Foundation?

In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian wears Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

The Luminous Silk Foundation is exactly what is says, luminous.  Your complexion is radiant.  You will feel beautiful.  It evens out your skin tone without getting into the crevices or expression lines.   Perhaps this is why they say it was inspired by Diaphanous Silk.  Your once dull over forty complexion is now bright and luminous. 

Variety of Shades of Foundation

Giorgio Armani Foundation shades

You will also find many different shades and the perfect match.

LSF is Gold in a Jar

I started wearing it in my 30’s.  Watching countless women with mature skin (with fine lines and wrinkles) come in and buy bottles of this stuff, I knew it was gold in a jar. But now that I’m forty-five, I get it.  I really get it.

Why Is The Luminous Silk Foundation a Good Foundation?

Every time I wear it, I am complimented on my complexion, not my makeup.  It’s a lightweight, sheer coverage with buildable coverage, luminous and loved by many.  There’s a shade for everyone too.

It’s buildable up to medium coverage with a dewey finish. It’s simply the best foundation I’ve used and recommend it for all types of skin. If you have oily skin, it’s for you. If you have dry skin, it’s for you.

Giorgio Armani Makeup Is Great for All Skin Types

Giorgio Armani makeup glides on your eyes, lips, and skin like butter.  It feels like silk and not makeup.  It melts into your skin, making you feel like it’s part of you and not something caked on. It’s also great for all skin types.

woman holding a bottle of GA foundation

It’s the only line of makeup that I can use for a natural look at my age, and pull off a nude lip (with the right lip liner), nude eyes and bronzer without looking lifeless.  Again, I don’t get complimented on my makeup, I get complimented on my skin. 

Everyone assumes that I am not wearing makeup when in fact my foundation application is on my entire face! That’s how I want to be perceived.  Makeup is all about shading, contouring, and creating an illusion and a dewy finish for that youthful glow.

So, besides having foundations for aging skin, Giorgio Armani has different kinds of coverage like medium to full coverage, full coverage foundation, or light coverage foundation that is buildable (like LSF). They even have a foundation that has a matte finish.

What I love about the Luminous Silk is that some days you can reapply another layer for heavier coverage to cover dark spots. However, if you are looking for a foundation that is firming, you can try the Designer Lift, smoothing and firming.

Don’t forget the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara!

Giorgio Armani Beauty Sells Skincare and Makeup Tools

Giorgio Armani Beauty also has skincare that’s great for all types of skin like oily or dry skin. They have great makeup tools like foundation brushes and brushes that will help achieve a flawless look.

You can find the right foundation brush with the right foundation with the perfect match.

Giorgio Armani makeup products
Giorgio Armani Beauty Products

Don’t forget loose powder or translucent powder.

woman holding a bottle of illuminator

Tim Quinn

I had the privilege of working with Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani’s Celebrity Face Designer and VP of Creative Artistry, one thing we have in common is our obsession with bronzer

I asked Tim about the “must haves” for the summer.  He recommends Maestro Liquid Bronzer, he says, “it looks natural and wears well in heat and humidity.”  One of his “go to” products for the summer is  Maestro UV Primer with SPF 50.  He also loves the Eye Tints in the new Summer Neutral Mattes which are waterproof and crease proof.

woman holding foundation up to her face

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do a “nude look” after age forty. You can still be a natural beauty!

Is The Luminous Silk Foundation Worth the Money?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Do rush out and buy at least one product from Giorgio Armani Beauty.  Yes, it’s pricey.  Money can’t buy you happiness, but money can buy makeup, and makeup will make you happy.

Do you have a “go to” Giorgio Armani foundation?

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