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The knowledge on how to manage money is not something to be ignored and taken for granted. Unfortunately, many people neglect the money management skill.

Why are they rich? And I’m ”just okay” Have you ever asked that question? Do you believe that more money was the solution? Do you believe that working for other people was the only way to earn money for a living? “Money Creates Happiness” and “More Money is The Solution” are commonly heard, but if those adages are true… …..Then why did more than 1,900 lottery winners end up in bankruptcy? The number 1,900 bankrupt lottery winners is derived from an official research conducted by economists at University of Kentucky, University of Pittsburgh, and Vanderbilt University in the United States. And this is the reason there are people who seem to be able to squeeze every inch of juice from the orange they have (think David Beckham and Donald Trump) and there are people who managed to make millions even billions only to lose them all (think M.C. Hammer or Allen Iverson). Therefore more money can’t be the solution. It must be something else. It must be intangible.

It appears that too many people lacks financial intelligence and thus, they make the money mistakes they actually could have avoided

The book Money Master The Game 7 Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins inspired me to share my thoughts on money mismanagement I made when I was younger. Expensive cars, credit card balance, weekend parties. Sounds familiar? It took 5 years before one trip to Asia changed my mindset, both on my personal and financial life. You of course might have experienced few things you considered money mistakes. Some of you would rather go through them yourself. And it is fine. Yet if you could learn from someone else’s experiences, from someone who has made major money mistakes before, would you take that opportunity and get a head start? Some of the things you will find and might learn by reading this book:

  • How sometimes we just have to be critical on things happening to us. If we do like it, fine. If we don’t, change
  • Nine common money management mistakes someone in his/her 20s or 30s might make, and how they can be avoided
  • Lack of financial intelligence can contribute to financial povert
  • Financial management something that everyone needs to take charge and take responsibility for
  • More money, without proper money management attitude, will be the source of unhappiness
  • Tips on how to save money
  • Money is never good or bad. It is just a neutral tool. Our hands make it good or bad
  • How being a follower and not a leader can be detrimental in life

This book does not mean to teach you let alone tell you how to manage your money or what to do with your financial planning!

  • Everyone will end up finding his or her own ways to reach financial freedom. This book is intended to share what I feel to be my mistakes on handling my personal finance. So we all, might learn from them. How to manage money has always been an interesting topic for many people, inviting a lot of debates on what to do and not to do. Financial freedom though, is undebatable. It is the holy grail of personal finance.I can guarantee you that you will make think of ways to improve your financial life after reading this book.Scroll up, click the button, and start changing your financial life today. For Prime Members, borrow this book for free, for as long as you want. “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.”

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