Whims Of Wanderlust: Jewelry Handcrafted to Please the Inner Vagabond
Reviews - June 5, 2015

Bohemian Adornments For Spiritual Warriors

When I stumble11253234_856737207749368_8490339274267164484_nd upon Whims Of Wanderlust, I knew I had to know more.  The jewelry seems to tell a story behind it.  It’s exotic and whimsical, bohemian and yoga inspired.  It can take you on a mystical journey. You will feel inspired by her hand selected crystals and gemstones.

I grew up around raw crystals and gemstones.  il_170x135.702946515_c3ymArizona is known for it’s beautiful gems and amazing energy.  I have wonderful memories of collecting jewels from reservations and buying masses of beads in Prescott, Az.  I grew up in the “New Age” era and was very aware of the energy that stones have.  So I was drawn to Whims Of Wanderlust immediately.  The person behind Whims Of Wanderlust is Cecilia Gabriel.

Cecelia is a mother, jewelry designer and also a gifted spiritual artist.  She is the creator of Whims Of Wanderlust.  Much like myself, after having a child she realized that there was so much more to life than what was in front of her .  She quit her day job as a waitress to dedicate herself to living a peaceful and mindful life, living in the moment, designing jewelry.  As she says on the piece I received from her, “the journey is the destination,”  her jewelry mimics a rich, cosmic, spiritual way of life.  I too left a life at twenty-nine that was empty to create a path for myself that had substance and meaning.    Now I live my days sometimes moment to moment with intentions of growing spiritually.  Cecilia talks about her loving intentions while she crafts her jewelry. She creates high quality yoga bracelets, soulful dreamcatchers, tribal beaded necklaces, one of kind leather bracelets, raw crystal and gemstone jewelry, and lovely eclectic charms infused with positive energy.  Her creations mean so much more that just putting jewelry together.  She handcrafts  bohemian and yoga inspired jewelry and home decor that draw from native teachings using powerful crystals and primitive beads.  I feel her connection to her jewelry.  You will too.

The piece that I received was the Bohemian Copper Bangle.2015-05-29 18.52.01-1

She has different styles but mine was made to order so I got the one with “The Journey Is The Destination” written on it.  I love this reminder when I look at my wrist.  The copper is really pretty too.

This is what she has to say about copper:

***Copper is a great metal with healing properties. Uses of copper in jewelry dates back 10,000 years ago! The Aztecs wore copper in battle and believed it gave them strength. Today it is also incorporated medicinally to increase energy, better the flow of blood circulation, detox, and heal arthritis. Copper is also an antimicrobial meaning it helps fight off bacterium, fungi, and even viruses. The discoloration that sometimes happens when in contact with the skin is nothing to be alarmed about. It is a harmless chemical reaction that happens with the acids of your body that is a visible sign of detox. The benefits of copper are indisputable which is why it is the metal of preference I choose to work with.***

Check out Cecilia’s shop on Etsy HERE.

Whims Of Wanderlust is launching their website on June 8!  They will also be showcasing a brand new collection.  To celebrate this launch, Cecilia will be giving away a copper “The Journey Is The Destination” bangle to one lucky winner!  It starts June 8.  Enter the sweepstakes HERE!

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