Where to Shop for Back to School in One Place and Save Money
Kids - August 9, 2019

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Well, here we are again.  School season is coming up and the madness begins with back to school shopping.  It’s such an exciting time of year for everyone!  And of course I am looking for the cheapest place to shop for back to school items. We all love a good back to school sale. It’s all about saving money when shopping for back to school items.

After a full summer of road trips, slushies, and pool dates, we are all ready to get back into the swing of things.

Last year I just wandered around with a list and what I couldn’t find I had to go to another store.  It was pretty frustrating going back to school shopping then.  I was hoping it would be more exciting for the kids but It ended up being frustrating going to various stores and the kids got tired.  After all, they are picking out new clothes, snacks, crafts and school supplies.

This year I had to shop for two boys; one going to kindergarten and one going into 2nd Grade.  They both have different needs and I had two different lists this time!  I was actually dreading it.

But I realized that one of my favorite stores to shop at, Walmart, has all the items on the list and more. Better yet, if I forget something, I can shop for school essentials online.

We had to pick up toothbrushes, underwear and socks.  They loved their Pokémon underwear and Transformer spin toothbrushes.

Goldfish on a shelf

We were also able to pick up some of their favorite snacks like Goldfish and Belvita Breakfast Cookies.  But I really look forward to getting some of Walmart’s Great Value products.  They are easy to find with their consistent packaging and are quality products. A lot of the Great Value products come from major food company, which produces its own version of those products under its own advertised brand names. We like that! And our pocket book likes it too.

crayola contruction paper

We also needed school supplies.  It’s not a successful back to school trip without googly eyes.  They get excited over those and other DIY products. Googly eyes are not on the list but get the kids excited for back to school.

walmart sign with boy smiling

Of course Walmart has awesome deals too such as Crayola Crayons (24 pack) for 50 cents and Cra-Z-Art Premium Washable School Glue – 4oz for 33 cents (rollback). We also got Cra-Z-Art 24 Count School Quality Crayons for 25 cents! It doesn’t get better than that!

back to school items

This year was so much for fun when back to school shopping.  We just went once and got everything done.  The kids are ready and we are so excited for another year! What are your favorite back to school items?

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