Where to Find Awesome Kid’s Books for National Reading Month
Blog - March 27, 2019

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It’s official! The kids are back to school from Spring Break.  It’s hard to get them back in their routine and my oldest especially, with the amount of homework that comes home every day. But like they say, “work hard, play hard.”

We went to Disneyland on our Spring Break.  It was an 8 hour road trip!  However, we took the essentials to keep the kids busy. One of our tricks was taking our Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. The kids love it.  This little gem really helps us with balancing our screen time, which sometimes, I have to admit, isn’t easy.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

FreeTime Parental Controls

Thanks to the FreeTime Unlimited parental controls, my boys know that they must learn before they play.  “Work hard, play hard,” right? This ensures that when they pick up their Fire Kids Edition they don’t go straight to entertainment.  I can set the controls to what I feel is an appropriate amount of time for them to learn before play. They can be in charge of what they want to learn by downloading learning apps and books.

Learning Apps and Books

We scroll through the list from time to time and they can pick out their favorite apps.  But the books are especially fun. Since it is National Reading Month, we are making an extra effort to discover more books.  My oldest is required to do one book report every other week for a specific book.  Although, he usually likes the book, having the Fire Kids Edition available is nice too because he can choose anything he wants.  This is where we can find books like Popcorn at the Palace or Arcade or Bust!  We use Discussion Cards which offer parents a “family book club” approach with summaries and sample questions based on the books, videos, educational apps and websites that are viewed within Amazon FreeTime  Unlimited.

I’m so glad we got the Fire Kids Edition because it gives them choices between different books; lots of choices.  Being on a tablet doesn’t always mean apps and games. The Fire Kids Edition helps me put a different twist on a tablet. Now the kids have an advanced piece of electronics to interact with that is an educational tool at the same time. And since it also gives them access to games, I can use the parent dashboard to balance things out.

Parent Dashboard

The Parent Dashboard gives me complete control over what they are downloading.  I can add and remove books and apps.  I can see all their digital activity on FreeTime Unlimited and modify the web browser.

Which book are you going to check out?

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