What 10th Graders Need To Do by Athletic Scholarship Info
Free Daily Books - December 26, 2014

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Unless your son is in the top 100 – 150 football recruits in the country, you will have to proactive in helping to market your son’s football talents to the schools where you think he would be a good fit academically, socially, and athletically.

The truth is that most college football programs simply do not have the recruiting budget to travel around the country scouting for recruits. Getting recruited to play college ball on scholarship is typically a marathon rather than a sprint, and waiting until his senior year to start the athletic scholarship search is almost begging for failure. In fact, the earlier your son starts the recruiting process, the more likely he is to land a college football scholarship.

As examples, wouldn’t it be great to know now what the perfect D-I football player looked like? Or how important would it be to know the exact steps to get your son noticed by football coaches?

Even things like choosing the right summer football camps and combines as a sophomore could increase your son’s chances of being recruited. Knowing about these different aspects of recruiting ahead of time could give him a huge competitive edge; it would give him time to develop and make the right decisions as he advances through his high school playing career.

Leaving the recruiting process to your son’s high school coach is simply not a good idea. He is busy with practices, games, his own family and countless civic activities. To ensure that your son has the best chance to be recruited, you and your son have to learn how to do the steps involved in marketing your son’s talent to the college football coaches.

Fortunately, the process is simple. It really is just a matter of starting early and doing the steps as they come along. A four-year college football scholarship could easily be worth $150,000. Many families in today’s economy could not afford to send their son to college unless he obtains one of these very lucrative scholarships.

The world of college recruiting is filled with many myths and pitfalls. Unfortunately, even in the sophomore year, recruiting mistakes can and are often made. If your son is determined to win a college football scholarship and you approve, this guide, written by college athletic scholarship recipients, will guide him through the recruiting steps he needs to take in the tenth grade. It is a month-by-month guide that not only keeps him compliant with the NCAA rules, but it also shows him what he should be doing each month to be recruited to play football in college.

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