DIY Valentine’s Crafts Using Recycled Crayons + Printables
Crafts - January 18, 2021

pretty crayon flower wrapped in plastic and raffia

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I relate Valentine’s Day with getting flowers, usually roses. But flowers are not too realistic for kids to give each other. And I’m not sure they would appreciate it like we do.

I’ve been looking around for DIY crafts to make and came up with Valentine’s Gnomes. These are fun as decoration but my boys what to create something they can use.

So, I found these DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts to make with recycled crayons.

This isn’t the first time we have used old crayons to make a Valentine’s project for their class. One year, my son’s teacher had me weed out all the old crayons and let me take them home, while I replaced them with new crayons.

two crayon hearts

We made a Conversation Starter craft with recycled crayons for a fun Valentine. They were really adorable hearts with messages to pass out to their friends. Kids love heart shaped crafts so we used heart shaped silicone molds.

This is a similar craft idea using different molds. It’s a really easy craft for the kids to give their friends with out giving them candy.

I’ve also added cute free Valentine’s printables.

a bunch of crayon flowers and bugs

Not only are they easy to make and take just a few minutes to make, they are beautiful to look at with all the different swirls of colors from the broken crayons,

flower crayons

They are pretty but they have a great function! Their friends can enjoy coloring with them. There have been so many Valentines when we have thrown out useless candy.

crayons and wrapped crayons

The boys loved making these. They are so easy, my six year-old put them together for his whole class. He loved every minute of it as he mentioned which one was for which BFF.

wrapped crayon on printable

I had the boys remove wrappers. If they were too hard to remove, I soaked the crayons in warm soapy water for a few hours.

crayons packaged

After they cooled, they just cut the printables and wrapped the crayons. Then they simply taped the back and inserted them in their clear treat bags.

The last step is tying ribbon or raffia around them for an extra touch.

crayons on top of prinatabe sheets

These sweet printables are sure to make any girls heart melt.

crayons lying on top of page of printables

These printables have emojis and cars, which are fun for boys.

mini vase of two crayon flowers

Valentine’s Teacher’s Gifts

You can also just give the crayons inside a mini vase. This is a cute idea for a Valentine’s teachers gift.

vases with recycled crayons

All you need is some crayons, the flower and bug mold, some pretty stones, raffia and mini vases.

flowers in a mini vase

These are my favorite to give out to give out as gifts.

wrapped recycled crayons

Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

The boys liked putting together their Valentines with the crayon wrappers. The presentation is beautiful. The free crayon wrappers wrap perfectly around the crayon.

I have fun girly crayon wrappers and fun boy crayon wrappers. All you need is to tape them closed in the back.

recyled crayons made into flowers and bugs


crayon molds

Valentine Printables

valentine's printables

Don’t forget these printables. These ones have emojis and cars. There is also a some with a space to personalize or add a name.

Valentine's printables

These printables are adorable with lots of BFFs and unicorns.

red rose crayon in treat bag

Valentines Craft Using Recycled Crayons

Fun DIY project using recycled crayons



  • scissors
  • tape


  1. collect broken crayons soaked crayons
  2. if there is paper on them, make sure to soak in warm soap water
  3. place crayons in mold and bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes
  4. check on crayons to see if completly melted
  5. if not melted, bake for 5 more minutes crayons melted
  6. cool
  7. stretch mold to loosen up
  8. pop crayon mold out very carefully
  9. if you brake one, leave it in there for next time you bake crayons
  10. print out printables
  11. cut printables cutting printable
  12. wrap around crayon crayon being wrapped
  13. tape on the back of crayon taping back of wrapper
  14. insert into clear treat bag and tie with raffia papertie raffia around crayon

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