7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Boxes for School
DIY - February 8, 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the kids are getting excited about giving their Valentines out to their friends. One year we did conversation starters made out of recycled crayons and they were so cute! We also did Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Pops to give out. They were delicious!

I remember my first real Valentine’s from my best friend, Lynn. She went all out. I was so surprised and it was such a thoughtful gesture for a friend when so many people are wrapped up with romantic gestures. She gave me a box full of sweet Valentine’s Day goodies.

So, what about Valentines Day boxes for school? Make someone that is special to you a Valentine’s Day box with some goodies or drop off your Valentine’s Day cards in a Valentine’s Day DIY mailbox at school. How fun is that?

I’ve picked out some great Valentine’s Day box ideas for you. Check out a LOL Suprise! Valentines Mailbox, a Fortnite Llama Classroom Valentine Mailbox , a Baby Yoda Valentine Box with a free printable template and more ideas below.

Fortnite Llama Classroom Valentine Mailbox

by South Lumina Style

Baby Yoda Valentine Box (with free printable template)

by Fun Money Mom

LOL Surprise! Valentines Mailbox

by As The Bunny Hops

Adorable Owl Valentine’s Box

by Fun Money Mom

DIY Cardboard Mailbox

by Little Red Window

Harry Potter Valentine Box

by Fun Money Mom

How cute are all these Valentine’s Day boxes? Which Valentine’s Day box are you going to make?

Check out these 13 Fun Valentine’s Day Sweets and Recipes and these easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts.

If you’re looking for gifts under $20 for the whole class for Valentine’s Day check this out.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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