Valentine’s Conversation Hearts Melted Crayon Craft
Crafts - December 26, 2022

Are you looking for a fun Valentine’s Conversation Hearts craft? I found a great Valentine’s crayon craft using melted crayons! It’s super easy and cute! This is an easy craft any one can do.

melted crayon hearts

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite Holidays. I’m not sure if it’s the decor or the baking that I love the most. But since I had children, we do a lot of crafts and DIY.

Once thing is for sure, we love making Valentine’s Day crafts using crayons.

I’m not sure how long the Valentine’s Conversation Starter candies have been out.  I’ve been receiving them since I was a little girl.  I never even liked the taste of them.  They always ended up going to waste.

Here’s the silicone mold with conversation starters that I used.

Conversation Hearts Candy Molds for craft

Ditch the Chewy Candy on Valentine’s Day

yellow cutie pie recycled crayon conversation starter heart and you rock red recycled crayon conversation starter
DIY Conversation Starter hearts

Every year the kids come home with candy for Valentine’s Day and every year I take some and dump them.  Don’t get me wrong, they get candy.  But we don’t need more dentist visits so I’m particular about what they keep.  No chewy candy that can sit in their teeth.  This year I bought tiny dum dum lollipops for my little one’s class.

But for my older one who is six-year-old, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do a DIY Valentine’s Day gift project with him.; non candy Valentine’s Day Gifts for kids.

We decided to make DIY Valentine’s Sweetheart candy heart shape crayons using melted crayon hearts and a silicone mold.  It was so easy and fun that we might have to do it next year for the little one. 

We didn’t do it this year for him because three-year-old’s can mistake that crayons for candy and try to eat them!  Yes, unfortunately I’m speaking from experience.  Last year we did a LEGO themed party for him and had candy LEGO’s on the cupcakes but Crayon LEGO’s in the goody bags and they confused the two.  Whoops.

DIY Conversation Starter hearts

Look for Broken Crayon Pieces for Melted Crayon Craft

One of the great things about being a home room mom is having full access to the class and seeing what goes on.  My son’s teacher does a lot of arts and crafts which he likes. 

She had me recently go through all the broken, old crayons and replace with new crayons.   She was going to throw away the old broken crayon pieces but I decided to take them home for a DIY recycled crayons project.

little clear cups filled with different color broken crayons
Broken crayons

The best thing about making them is breaking the crayons.  My kids love breaking small pieces of crayon and peeling the paper off.  I’m not sure what the big deal is, but it’s fun.

Clear cup filled with green crayons
Broken crayons

This is the only time they can really do it.  So, after they break the crayons they put them in small bowls to separate the colors.

Here’s another fun silicone mold you can use.

conversation starter silicone molds
conversation starter silicone molds

Valentine’s Conversation Hearts Melted Crayon Craft

Then they add it to the conversation hearts candy mold. The melted crayon craft will have the conversations starters engraved on them.  That is what makes these crayon hearts different from the other ones we see all over Pinterest.

silicone heart mold filled with different color broken crayons
Broken crayons in molds

Heat your oven up to 350 degrees and place the mold in the oven on a tray.  Set timer for 5 minutes.  Keep more crayons handy because you will want to add more if you want the hearts to be big.  If you add more crayons, add 5 more minutes. 

Also, you can add different colors and create a tie dye effect or rainbow effect.  So pretty!

one yellow cutie pie crayon converstaion starter and one red and pink you rock crayon conversation starter
conversation starter crayon hearts

Let them cool for about an hour.  Then pop them out of the mold.

Valentines Day color your heart out printables

I found these cute, simple printable’s on Katarina’s Paperie. You can also print out these fun free cards and printables.

recycled crayons that say love and true love

All he had to do was write his name, and these days with all the homework they give him, it’s asking a lot!

white bucket filled with crayon conversation starters
conversation starter crayons

This was such a success, I think I will do it next year with the little one! Happy Valentine’s Day!

These SpinningLeaf Mini Conversation Hearts Set 1 Oreo Cookie Chocolate Candy Molds are fun too!

Wouldn’t you rather have your kids come home from school on Valentine’s Day with crayons or candy? You can also check out these Valentines Box Ideas for more non candy Valentines Day projects!

pin for DIY Conversation Starters

These heart-shaped 3d silicone molds are fun too!


This is a great way to celebrate some Valentine’s Day!

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