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Blog - January 15, 2017


I always try to remember to bring bags to use at the farm or grocery store.  The farm I go to requests that you bring your own.  But they will also give you boxes if needed that they are recycling.  Aldi also expects you to bring your own bags.

I still use plastic bags for dirty diapers and such.  I don’t spend money on the fancy plastic bags.  It’s not necessary and it’s wasteful.  I gave away my Diaper Genie for this reason. But it would be nice to have a cute reusable bag for groceries and such.


I found these reusable shopping bags called Urban Market Bags and took one on my trip with me for the holidays.  It was my emergency bag in case I packed too much coming back.  Well, big surprise,  I had too much coming back and I didn’t want to bring another carry-on for the plane.  With two kids, it’s hard to take care of them, a stroller, bags, and carry-on.


It turns out that this cute little reusable bag managed to carry about 4 lbs of pistachios (my father brings them back for me from Greece), 3 lbs of coffee and about 1 lb of chocolate and plantain chips from Costa Rica (my father brought back from there too).  Yes, my father rocks.

When we got to the airport we were still over 3 lbs in our luggage so I had to figure out how to stuff more in the Urban Market Bag.  These are strong bags!  They are durable and made with nylon.  And they are cuter than any reusable bag I’ve ever seen!


Best of all, you can throw them in the washer.

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