Unrequited Love by Jeremy Adams
Free Daily Books - January 10, 2015

61NoiZZFgvL._SL1164_A Heart Torn In Two, Lessons From Love [Kindle Edition]
Unrequited Love: A Heart Torn In Two, Lessons From Love, takes you on a journey between a young boy and a young girl. Unrequited Love serves more of a purpose as a memoir for the author. An encounter with love at an early age caused him to be completely smitten. Growing up the author heard many stories of love. Everything about love too good to be true, and for a while it was. Unrequited Love tells the story of a first love, a first love that many can relate to. Sadly, this first love is quickly followed by the first heartbreak. A heartbreak that left the author completely torn between two things: love and the lack thereof. Unrequited love takes you on a story that will touch the inner depths of your soul. You will go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. By the end of the book, you will have been on an emotional roller coaster ride that causes you to ask this question, what is love?

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