The Two “Must Have” Makeup Products That Give Your Face Life.
Makeup & Beauty - October 1, 2014


Do you ever feel like you look like the walking dead?  You wake up with last nights eyeliner running down your face even though you washed your face and removed your makeup.  Ugh.  I KNOW that feeling.  Fortunately, I worked for many high end Beauty lines such as Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Lancome, Chanel and Clinique and sold many makeup products.  They ALL were amazing lines to work for.  But if I was stranded on an island with nothing but two makeup products to choose from these would be them. If you want to look alive but don’t have much on hand or time to “put your face on” as my mum would put it, these are the two best products I have come across.  LSF comes in 24 shades. It’s oil free but feels very hydrating.  The smell brings me back to my Bal Harbor days.  Boy, could I write a book!  Maybe I will.  Retails for $62.  Made with silk, it’s smooth on the skin without getting into crevices .  Your face glows and looks alive and flawless.



My next “must have” item is Touch Eclat by YSL.  Look rested with this great little pen.  I put it around the bone around my eyes and above my brows AFTER I have filled them in.  Light brings forward so your eyes pop and look brighter.  I also know people that put it on their expression lines (wrinkles) to also make them less noticeable.  After your done using don’t forget to wipe with a kleenex and spritz with some alcohol.  Retails for $41.

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