How to Travel with a Baby and Toddler both in Diapers
Blog - December 17, 2014

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The anxiety is starting to creep in.  In one week I will be traveling with a three year old and a baby.  Oh yeah, and my nine month old.  So my husband seems to think we are taking one suitcase for the three of us.  I’m wondering if he’s going naked and leaving the kids at security.  

We are also taking presents and warm clothes.  We were going to take two strollers along with a car base and seat.  Again, I must of thought our imaginary assistants where going to help us push them, along with the suitcase, and three carry-ons.  They were also going to hold my three year old who insists on being held and hates the stroller (unless, of course his brother wants to be in it).  I keep reminding him that he has two legs.

So I decided to do a little research for all of us Holiday Travelers (those two words deserve to be capitalized).  Holiday Travelers are people that travel during the holidays.  They are brave people.  In case you needed clarification.

Flying with a baby can be stressful. It is hard to know what to bring when traveling on a plane with toddlers. Traveling with a baby and a toddler both in diapers can be stressful so there needs to be a plan of action.

What is my plan?

The obvious things are to get boarding passes online, get to airport early, get to the gate early, bring birth certificates for children and licenses for yourselves  in clear baggy in an accessible place but also a safe place (with zipper).  Also, weigh your luggage at home so there are no surprises.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Always give yourself extra time for emergencies.  Poop happens.

Get a Diaper Bag Backpack

Also, make sure you have a good diaper bag where wipes, diaper cream, hand wipes, diapers and bottles are easily accessible. I absolutely love the Bag Nation Diaper Backpack.

Entertain the Kids and be Prepared

I researched traveling with a toddler before when I traveled with just one.  I found some great ideas.  Here’s a few;

  1. Bring sparkly holiday ribbon and tie to the arm handle in the airplane (babies are obsessed with sparkly, crackly things).
  2.  Go to the dollar store and buy some very small kids items that you can wrap and stick in your diaper bag.  Tell them that Santa gave you a few for the trip, but only if you are nice can you open them (of course the baby is like, “what? gimme that!)) You can also wrap with tin foil to avoid tape (plus it’s really shiny).  But you get the idea.  Only play with one at a time otherwise the novelty will wear off.  For creating a busy bag for the flight click here for a looksy.
  3.  Dress kids in easy to remove clothing like pajamas (and pack another easy outfit).
  4.  Pack REALLY FUN snacks.  I mean, go all out.  Remember to buy lightweight, nothing that’s really going to weigh your diaper bag down.
  5.  Need help packing?  Delicious Baby can help! Click here.
  6.  Make sure one of your seats is any isle seat (easier to access bathroom and not feel trapped).
  7.  Become BFF’s with flight attendants.  They always remember a grateful passenger and will have your back. 
  8.  Have your hubby go ahead to get situated in plane with as much luggage as he can while you stay with kid/kids and go in at last minute.  There’s nothing worse that ancy kids in a stand still plane.
  9. Bring lollipops for ear discomfort or pain.
  10.  Utilize the straws, napkins and paper cups (ask for extra). 
  11.   Bring plastic baggies for poop and garbage.  Nobody likes messy people leaving food and paper on the floor.  I hang a bag on the armrest for garbage.  

Ideas for Toys

Remember, a lot of people have children and grandchildren.  They are Aunts and Uncles.  There will always be some nitwit who is annoyed with the fact that they have to be in close proximity to families with children.  But in my experience, people are generally compassionate.  They understand your stress and many people have moved so that we could sit together as a family, not batting an eyelid.  I even had a woman grab my  son out of my arms and rock him and play with him. And although some of you would say, “I would never let a stranger do that!”  she had grand kids. She seemed more at ease at tending to him than me.  And I got to relax for a second.  So sit back and let the fun begin.  It will be over before you know it.


 *articles I pulled for this article

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  1. LOL! I really can’t envision taking a Holiday Vacation with the kids! First of all, I couldn’t afford the plane flight and secondly I would be babbling like a nutcase by the time the plane lands! You have much more patients that I do for sure! The Tips you shared for flying with kids are wonderful! I just can’t see me doing this! Plus all of the family live close and there is no one to visit from a plane flight, which really doesn’t matter! My “family” is being a bit difficult again and we haven’t spoken since the day after my father’s funeral on June 30th of this year! I guess I’m what the call the “walking dead” to them! Anyway, thanks for the great read and the wonderful tips! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  2. Just found out Im preggo today! Yaay! its going to be weird doing everything all over again because my youngest is 15. So ya thanks for the tips its going to take me a while to get back into the swing of things

  3. It’s stressful enough just traveling but bringing little ones along makes it even more so. It’s a good thing your planning it all out and using some great tips.

  4. My grandson has flown about fifteen times now with my daughter-in-law and she has always been able to handle things very well. Some good tips listed above-

  5. Great tips and they could even be applied to a long car ride. I have never been n an airplane so cant even comment what it would be like!

  6. I wish I had some of these tips when I was raising my kids but now I can apply it to my grandchildren. I like the idea of bringing finger puppets because that could encourage a lot of play time for them.

  7. That is wonderful that you have everything planned and thought out and did research. It is not easy traveling with young ones. Enjoy.

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