Travel Essentials for the Busy Mom
Blog - July 28, 2017

This is a Sponsored Post for Goddess Garden.  My obsession with their sunscreen is completely my own opinion. Also, there are affiliate links in this post which help MomJunky to keep going.

Sometimes I feel like I live in my car.  We spend so much time going from one place to the next;  like an hour drive to The Museum of Discovery and Science, a two hour drive to new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, or even a four hour drive to Universal or Disney.  I know, luxury problems, right?  You betcha!  I love my life!

But preparing for a road trip, no matter how long, can be daunting. We are always on the go and I’m thinking of new ways to avoid trashing the car.

With that being said, what an amazing, blessed life I have and I absolutely love my car, which I found within the last year, even when it’s a mess!

Snacks have been my enemy for the last five years! It can take just one snack and it’s all over.  I’ve said so many times, no more snacks but the truth is that I snack on the go and we are always in the car so it’s  not fair to them either.

I found a few things this summer that really helped keep the car cleaner.  Just because it’s organized though, doesn’t mean that it’s clean.

I started with avoiding crumbly snacks.  It is so hard to vacuum them up! So, I do easy to grab and eat snacks like apple slices in a bag or peanut butter sandwiches as opposed to peanut butter crackers or crumbly snacks like popcorn.

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You have to get the Snack in the Box. My kids think it’s the coolest snack container ever!  It has two separate chambers that each hold 6 ounces of snacks. And it’s sidekick, Drink in the Box, is the healthy, reusable option to replace sugary, disposable juice boxes.

My kids love the drink box too and have yet to ask for juice now that they use it.  These are available in Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Purple. MSRP: $9.99 (Snack in the Box); and $11.99 and $14.99 (8 oz. and 12 oz Drink in the Box). Available online at or Amazon.

Besides trying to stay away from sugary drinks, I’m also on the lookout for healthier snacks.  My kids love LuckyBars.  They are the best kid’s protein bars I have ever tasted – yes, occasionally I steal them from my kids.  Okay, just the coconut, lol.

They have as much protein as two eggs and are so tasty the kids must hide them from me!  You can order them from their site or on Amazon.

They come in Cosmic Chocolate Caramel Almond, Chocolate Campfire, Crazy Coconut, Pirate Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Strawberry Sandcastles.

Kids also get bored in the car.  I have Leap Pads but sometimes they need to interact with each other, and by interact, I don’t mean fighting, lol.

The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Games are great for keeping kids entertained on the go! The To go versions of classic games like Hangman, Checkers, and Tic Tac Toe & 4 in a Row are all designed in a compact and sleek tin case and come with magnetic pieces making them fun and travel games.  MSRP: $7.99/ each. For ages 4 years and up.  Available online at

Where ever we go, even if I’ve kept the kids busy with snacks and games, as soon as we get to our destination, they want out!  They want to run and play and get outside.

So, I need to have them protected with sunblock, especially living here in Florida.  The sun is so damaging and I have to protect my kids skin from further damage. We use it all year around.

The best one I have found so far is Goddess Garden.  They carry a variety of organic products that moms can trust.  It was created by a mom!  It can’t get better than that.

I happen to love their Face The Day Sunscreen and Firming Primer.  It’s amazing!

Their sunscreen is also fabulous!  We especially love the stick and the spray. You can find them on their site and on Amazon.

I love using products from companies like Goddess Garden, who provide safe and effective products.

This goes for wipes too.  We like safe, non-toxic wipes but it gets expensive,  and I have found that the kids depend on them too much.  I’d rather they get used to really cleaning their faces with a washcloth. 

The Chemical-free & Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning set from Baby Care by e-cloth works with just adding water to the cloth! You don’t have to worry about chemical additives, fragrances and dyes! Available in three case design. For Birth +. MSRP: $29.99. Available online at or Amazon.

So, I love my new finds for traveling easier for moms on the go.  What are your travel hacks?



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