Transcendental Meditation by Dorothy Enderson
Free Daily Books - May 1, 2015

71lvg8cBl3L._SL1200_How To Relax, How To Meditate, How To Relieve Stress in 20 Minutes [Kindle Edition]

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to successfully incorporate this popular meditative form and bring some serenity into your chaotic daily life schedules.
From taking a brief look at the origins and history of Transcendental Meditation to investigating the goals and the learning techniques involved in its practice, this book is a complete guide for everyone interested in learning about TM. Not only will the reader gain access to valuable information but can also see firsthand why TM has become a worldwide phenomenon with its many benefits and proof from evidence-based research and studies.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Chapter 1 – What is Transcendental Meditation?li>
Chapter 2 – Origins and History of Transcendental Meditation

Chapter 3 – How is Transcendental Meditation Different from Other Types of Meditation?

Chapter 4 – What is the Goal of Transcendental Meditation?

Chapter 5 – How to Relieve Stress in 20 Minutes

Chapter 6 – How to Meditate Individually

Chapter 7 – Transcendental Meditation and Stress Relief

Chapter 8 – Other Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Chapter 9 – What Scientific Research Has To Say about TM

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