40+ Traditional Irish Side Dishes
Dinner Recipes - February 14, 2023

The Irish cuisine is famous for its incredibly tasting and flavorful food. During religious occasions, such as St. Patrick’s Day, also known as St. Paddy’s Day, it is common to serve traditional Irish food to sustain the Irish culture. What better way to do this that to have some traditional Irish side dishes along with traditional corned beef and red cabbage. Don’t forget the green beer!

For a rich Irish celebration dinner table, I have put together a list of great side dishes below.

What Is Saint Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s day commemorates of the death the Patron Saint of Ireland who converted the Irish to Christianity. Beside founding monasteries, churches, and schools, he also inspired many legends.

Immigrants, particularly to the United States, made St. Patrick’s Day into a mostly secular holiday of revelry and celebration. The most elaborate parades occurred in cities with large numbers of Irish immigrants. Since Ireland is part of the British isles, the United Kingdom also celebrates this day.

Potato Side Dishes

Potato side dishes are classic Irish recipes distinct from all traditional Irish dishes as roast beef or pot roast.

Potato Soup

One of the most famous potato recipes is the potato soup with easy ingredients in addition to Yukon gold potatoes, Irish bacon or bacon fats to give it a taste of Ireland.

Shepherd’s Pie

Also, there is the delicious Shepherd’s pie, a gourmet dish of creamy mashed potatoes on top of a rich and bubbly stew.


Colcannon or cál ceannann is an Irish stuffed baked potato made with russet potatoes, red potatoes, Irish butter, garlic, green onions, half and half, Kosher Salt, and Cracked Black Pepper. These vegan Colcannon potatoes match perfectly with any main course and taste heavenly. Pair this Irish mashed potato with your favorite beef dinner for an incredible taste.

Boxty and Irish stacked potato bites are among the most famous potato recipes.

Irish pan Haggerty

Delicious potato layers made in a pan.

More Savory Classic Irish Recipes

Irish stews

Irish stews are great side dishes to have on this occasion. Their simple ingredients and easy preparation make them the perfect appetizer for the festive day. They are made with root vegetables and lamb or mutton, but they are also commonly cooked with beef. If you want extremely tender beef, cook it on low heat.

Buttery Sautéed cabbage

Buttery Sautéed cabbage or sautéed cabbage with garlic and onion is an easy-to-make salad known for its simple ingredients and preparation.


Preparing bread for your Irish dinner on St. Patrick’s Day would be a great choice! I suggest you make the Irish brown bread, the crusty bread, and the Traditional Irish Soda Bread with sour cream. The brown bread contains stone-ground flour which gives it a nutty flavor and unique texture. Also, you can have bread with cream cheese. The best way to store the bread for a long time is to save it in an airtight container to stay fresh till the next day.

Traditional Irish Side Dishes

Give your dinner table on Saint Patrick's Day an Ireland taste with the easiest and most flavorful Irish side dishes and desserts.

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