Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Blog - June 25, 2017

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When I worked in Cosmetics I was often asked, “What is the best anti-wrinkle cream you would recommend?”  I’ve sold skincare products by Doctors and over the counter skincare products from La Mer to Lancôme.  My answer today would be SUNBLOCK. Period. End of story.  If you had to choose between a serum and a moisturizer according to your budget, I would buy a great serum (they work deeper into the skin) and buy a good moisturizer with sunblock. You can buy all the wrinkles creams you want.  None of them will work if you’re not protecting your skin with sunblock. The sunspots will come back with a vengeance.  Your skin will become blotchy and you would have wasted money of wrinkle creams that promise a younger looking you.

You wouldn’t think that a store that is known for its fantastic produce and signature products, like the Kale Spinach Dip or Ginger Snaps, would have great beauty products but I found Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15  and I love it! I also have dry skin and was surprised to find out how moisturizing it was for a lotion.  It’s lightweight, fragrance free, PABA free and has a Broad Spectrum SPF 15.  I don’t leave the house without applying it. It retails for (at Trader Joe’s) for about $4.  When I visited Arizona, I would buy a few, but now that we have one in Boca Raton and Del Ray, I am able to get it there.   If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area,  you can buy it from Amazon. It is the best face cream at Trader Joe’s.

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