Toy Gift Guide for 2020
Family - November 1, 2020

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Now that school has started (again), we are looking ahead to the Holidays.  How will you shop for Christmas? I know, with everything going on right now, I feel safer shopping online.  I will be buying toys for my kids online this year.  All of them. 

So we’ve been checking the top toys for 2020 and there are some good ones! Not only are they the best toys for 2020 but there are so many for the tight budget too. 

Many of us are trying to find ways to budget this year with all the uncertainty. I’ve been looking out for best games and race car toys, best stem toys and stocking stuffers and best electronic toys and dolls.

Arts and Crafts holiday toys

Arts and Crafts

If there was once items that the boys could not live without, it’s their coloring pens, watercolors, sketch books and crafts.

Gift Guide Games For 2020 like Battle Academy by Pokemon and Drone Home.


Games are big now with people staying home more and connecting as a family. I know I have played more games in the last six months. Check out these games for the whole family! My favorites are the new Battle Academy by Pokemon and Magformers.

Race car toys

Race Car Toys

My boys love a good race track. It’s all about speed and crashing! They also like RC cars that bump around. Check out these best of 2020 Race Toys.

Stem toys for Holiday Gifts 2020

Educational, Stem and Science Toys

Building blocks can be used to increase your child’s ingenuity and engineering skills. These toys are perfect for your little engineer. Check them out below.

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers are my favorite. I love looking for fun, interesting items to add to the kids’ stockings. Check them out here.

electronic toys for the holidays 2020

Electronic Toys

This year is about projectors and Nintendo! We have been watching movies more than ever and playing video games during our free time. Here are the best electronics for 2020.


If there was any a time to have our kids write down their feelings is now! Check out these adorable Journals and accessories.

Disney Toys and Games for Holiday Gifts 2020

Disney Toys and Games

Every one loves Disney! There are so many fun Disney games, figures, dolls, and more! Check them out.

Travel Toys for 2020

Travel Toys

Road trips have been popular this year so why not bring some travel toys! These toys and books will keep your kids busy and entertained.

Books, coloring books and journals


Kids love books and coloring books and these ones are fantastic!

Dolls, Unicorns, and Hatchimals

Dolls sure are different than when I played with them. Did you know you can grow a doll? lol. Here are some of my favorite dolls, Unicorns and Hatchimals.

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