Top Weight Watchers Desserts
Weight Watchers - May 13, 2020

collage of weight watchers desserts

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I started Weight Watchers two days ago! I’m pretty excited because I know it works. I just want to stay healthy at home. This time I’m doing a diet during the Covid-19 outbreak. I did Weight Watchers about 15 years ago and lost about 30 lbs. This time I’m going for 50lbs before 50 years-old and I will be doing Weight Watchers at home most of the time. It sounds crazy to say that but I need to get healthy, for myself and for my family. I think it’s the best diet to do while quarantining due to Covid-19. This virus has kicked my butt emotionally and I have been eating up a storm! I don’t know how to eat healthy during such a stressful time. So, I am depending on Weight Watchers to get me through it.

Of course, my weakness is desserts. I love chocolate, ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, and anything with sugar. Basically, I’m a sugar addict.

The Keto Diet has helped me but I need to have better portion control. Keto is also great short term. Weight Watcher’s is for life.

Check out these awesome Weight Watchers desserts by some awesome Weight Watchers ambassadors. They will have you drooling, like Weight Watchers strawberry shortcake, weight watchers apple cobbler and more delicious recipes!

Weight Watchers Desserts

So, which one are you going to make?

Me? I’m going to make all of them?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my recipes from The Holy Mess. I’m currently maintaining a 100+ weight loss with weight watchers so I believe the program works! I can’t wait try try some of these other WW recipes, too.

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