Top Family Friendly Things to do in Oceanside, California
California - March 27, 2021

view of the beach

Thank you to the Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier, Visit Oceanside for providing us with tickets for excursions to facilitate this article and Legoland California for providing us with tickets. 

It’s so hot here in Arizona!  But I do prefer the dry heat to Florida’s humidity.  I’ve noticed that this is the time many people escape to California for a cool break.  California weather is absolutely beautiful and it is the perfect place to check out some family friendly actives with the kids, including beach days.

We had been to Anaheim a few months prior and loved it.  This time we wanted to see more of the beach, along with hitting up some family friendly things to do, so we decided to visit Oceanside. We also checked out the Oceanside Calendar of Events to see what what kind of kid’s activities are available in Oceanside while we were there. It turns out that there are tons of family friendly activities to do.

When traveling with young kids, there are so many things to consider like safety, restaurants, kid friendly activities, and of course: where to stay.  We were really looking forward to doing some fun stuff together which means getting prepared. Check out these top family friendly places we found in Oceanside, California.

view of Wyndham Oceanside Pier


This is probably the most important decision when traveling as a family.  We have many requirements for our family of four.   We wanted to stay on the beach first of all so we could just walk over to it.  We also needed a lot of space because we planned on staying a few nights and bringing quite a few things.  We needed two bedrooms and a place to wash our laundry and cook. We also wanted to be able to find restaurants close by, along with supermarkets so we could cook.

dolphin statue outside resort with lots of plants

Wyndham Oceanside Pier

We found the Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier right on the ocean, like we wanted.

lobby of the Wyndham Oceanside Pier

It was booked through Extra Holidays, a booking site offering condos and suites — many as large as four-bedrooms, for the same price or less than what you’d pay for similar hotel stays. We already knew what to expect, a family friendly experience for sure!

ariel view of the Wyndham Oceanside Pier

This was the view from our room.  We spent most of our mornings enjoying the ocean breeze while sipping on a cup of coffee.

The room was very spacious and exactly what we needed.  This is a perk to using timeshare resorts such as the Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier because it had two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, even a laundry machine and a dryer.

pool overlooking the ocean

With a pool and Jacuzzi available and an activity center with a full schedule of crafts and movies for the kids, we were not bored inside the resort.  The kids loved it!

activity room at the Wyndham Oceanside Pier

This is the activity center where you can pick up a schedule for daily activities

The kids went on a scavenger hunt and always ended back up at the activity center.  There is a hot chocolate station and popcorn for movie days.

pier in front of Wyndham Oceanside Pier

How can you say no to this view?

boy inside an elevator with a suprised face

Even the elevator was interesting and fun for the kids as it had an extra security feature so that you needed your room key to use it.

Discover what it’s like to vacation condo style with a family friendly atmosphere at the Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier .

Don’t forget to sign up for Wyndham Rewards to earn points and get exclusive deals and discounts.

fish soup


It’s so important to have decent restaurants close by.  We did bring some food to the room but we love trying new things and the kids sometimes needed comfort food for dinner. We found some great Oceanside restaurants, including bakeries and coffee shops.

pizzaria restaurant with tables and orange chairs and skateboards on the wall

Zig Zag Pizza Pie

Right inside the resort, you will find Zig Zag Pizza Pie  where you can design your own pizzas or chop chop salads.

pizza with artichokes

We had their pizza almost daily.  The kids loved it.

The atmosphere is great, the service was great and they also sell ice cream and alcohol to consume on premises or bring back to your room.  Those are wins in my family. You could either walk in off the street or through a door within the resort.

The Loose Leaf

I’m really particular about my coffee.  I stopped at this cute coffee shop called The Loose Leaf .

This is definitely a place where I would hang out as I don’t drink alcohol.  I love a good coffee bar that’s funky inside and quaint.


But if you are looking for a place to drink alcoholic beverages, there are some great Craft Beer establishments close by like Breakwater Brewing Company, Legacy Brewing Company, Northern Pine Brewing Company, Bagby Beer Company,  and so many more! Oceanside is proud to have the “World’s Best” Nut Brown Ale by Breakwater Brewing Company.

box of French baked goods

Petite Madeline

We found the most amazing French Bakery called Petite Madeline. 

It was walking distance from the resort and if you got there early enough, you might be able to get one of their almond croissants.  We missed them twice and were so disappointed but it didn’t keep us from sitting down and having breakfast and trying a bunch of different pastries. Everything is made from scratch.

We did not leave Oceanside without stopping there for pastries for our trip back.

Rainbow roll sushi


We love some good sushi and just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the resort, you will find Harney Sushi.  We enjoyed a quiet dinner without kids but they have a great Happy Hour 7 days a week.  At their Oceanside location they close at 10pm except for Friday and Saturday.  Just about all the restaurants are closed by 9pm. So, it’s not only delicious, it is convenient too!

We had a specialty edamame with smoked salt, garlic manchego, sesame bacon bonito, soy truffle.  It was interesting!

My husband had the Shaolin Dragon cocktail with Han Soju, lychee, lemon.

I had a delicious Rainbow Roll with Salmon Sashimi and my husband had the Mongolian Beef Stir Fry. Everything was fresh and excellent.

view of restaurant

Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill 

If you get to Oceanside Harbor you can find a bunch of restaurants.  We wanted seafood so we chose the Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill.

crab and seafood in soup

If you are looking to sit and relax to some nice music and delicious seafood with a great view, the  Lighthouse Oyster Bar and Grill is the place for you.


We started with Calamari.

My husband and I both had the Siete Mares and the kids had chicken strips and shrimp and fries.

Siete Mares seafood dish

The Siete Mares was full of shrimp, clams, scallops, mussels, and crab legs. Siete Mares is a broth base fish dish similar to a Cioppino or a bouillabaisse. A shell fish lover’s dream!


There is so much to do in Oceanside including the beach and many other fun attractions. California has some great National Parks too.


The beach in right in front of the resort and the weather is perfect so a beach day is definitely a must!

The boys loved playing in the sand building sandcastles and collecting seashells.

Oceanside sign at the harbor

Oceanside Harbor

We loved visiting Oceanside Harbor! We stopped for coffee at a local coffee shop, shopped for fun items, had lunch at The Lighthouse, and took a boat ride around the harbor.

It’s a great place to take the family for a scenic walk and some shopping.

I purchased one of these blankets and love it! My husband got a sweatshirt at the shop across from here.

boat rental that says Sherlock Ohms

Boat Rides

The highlight of the day though was taking our own personal boat ride around the harbor.

The kids got to watch daddy drive a boat while mommy relaxed.

We said hi to some new friends…

It was really fun and highly suggested.  Boat Rentals of America have many locations, including Arizona! They have jet skis, kyaks, electric boats and power boats. You can make reservations, get gift certificates or just walk up to their open doors and they will take care of everything.

Before we headed back we stopped off for some ice cream at Nana and Pops Pop’s Sweet Shop.  They had my favorite, Thrifty.

Sunset market in Oceanside California

Sunset Market

Thursday is Market Day in downtown Oceanside on the corner of Coast Hwy and Pier View Way.  It happens from 5-9 and it is filled with international food vendors, live entertainment and a children’s area. The market also includes over 100 arts and crafts vendors, making it a wonderful place to purchase the perfect gift or souvenir. Well behaved pets are invited to attend the market as well. The Sunset Market takes place every Thursday night from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the corner of Coast Hwy and Pier View Way

The market also includes over 100 arts and crafts vendors, a long with food stands. If you happen to be there on a Thursday, this is definitely worth checking out.

California Surf Museum

Oceanside’s unique geography make it a perfect spot for surfing all year round. This is why Oceanside is home to many pro and amateur surfing tournaments. The SuperGirl Pro and the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfind Championship which was created in 2017 in Oceanside to bring awareness to the rehabilitatives benefits of adapted water sports for people with disabilities.

The museum is home to a wide variety of amazing surf memorabilia. Boards, photographs, magazines, equipment and more. You will find memorabilia from many different eras and many famous surfers. Boards from the past 100+ years grace the floor of the museum.

Bethany Hamilton's bathing suitn from shark attack

One that seems to attract a lot of attention is the board Bethany Hamilton was riding when she was attacked by a 14′ tiger shark in Kauai when she was only 13 years old. If you are not familiar with her story, Bethany survived the attack and only a few weeks later was back on her board. She went on to become a professional surfer and a major figure for the sport. Bethany’s board and bathing suit from the attack are displayed at the California Surf Museum.

There’s a gift shop and so many other cool attractions.  A must see!

Wheel Fun Rentals

We had a blast riding around in our surrey bike and rode up and down Oceanside Pier Beach, making a stop for the beach park so the kids could play and making another stop for a lost shoe.  A very sweet jogger stopped and grabbed it for us. Our guy, Henry, made sure we felt safe and knowledgeable before taking off.

Indian fried bread with strawberries and whipped cream

Right next to the Wheel Fun Rentals is a funnel cake stand.  Ridiculous.

two boys showing their purchases at Legoland California

Legoland California

Just about 15 minutes from the resort is Legoland California.  No family trip is complete without a little LEGO fun.  My boys are obsessed with LEGOs and have been to Legoland Florida many times. We even had a Lego themed Birthday Party for my son last year.

Legoland California offers an array of really cool activities and attractions. There are even carnival games which are fun and challenging. My husband got me a fluffy donut by knocking down a couple of tin cans. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved the excitement!

I loved watching the boys work as a team at the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy.

You get to race fire trucks to a finish line where you disembark to fight a fire and race back to the beginning. So much fun!

We also got to experience the LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure where you embark aboard a submarine and participate in an underwater scavenger hunt. The kids loved looking for gold, diamonds, and treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean.

Of course, no visit is truly complete without a visit to the gift shop…

Hideaways is a great park within Legoland California. It’s the perfect place to let the kids roam free while you get some much needed rest. I got to catch up on emails while my husband escaped to one of the BBQ restaurants nearby.

This time we did not get to experience the water park, but it is packed with amazing attractions such as: Riptide Racers, Wipeout Lagoon, Build-a-raft in the not-so-lazy river, Joker Soaker, Orange Rush, Pirate Reef, Splash Out, Soak-N-Sail, and more! From our experience at the water park in Legoland Florida, it was an all-day affair.

There truly is something for everyone at Legoland California Resort and we can’t wait to go back to try all the attractions that we didn’t have time to experience!

Mission San Luis Ray

If you like history with a mix of religion and beauty, you will love visiting Mission San Luis Ray. It is a mix of Colonial architecture with Moorish influences.

The museum offers self guided-tour, educational tours, and retreat stays.

You will see artifacts and Franciscan heritage.  My favorite area was historic gardens where which offer visitors and the community cultural experiences like the “Day of the Dead” festival and Christmas at the Mission – Night of a Thousand Lights.

So many other things to do like rent a fishing rod from the pier stand on Oceanside Pier Beach, visit Buena Vista Lagoon for guided nature hikes and bird watching, take a luxury cruise for whale watching, and go on a Waverider Helicopter Tour.

Top Family Friendly Things to do in Oceanside California

Too many to do in 5 days but an excuse to go back.  Thank you Visit Oceanside and Extra Holiday’s for a memorable experience.

Too many to do in 5 days but an excuse to go back.  Thank you Visit Oceanside and Extra Holiday’s for a memorable experience.


  1. We are from the central coast of CA – now living in Texas. This fall we will be traveling SO CAL – Oceanside is our first stop. Thanks for the blog and pictures. Do you have a blog for San Diego as well?

    1. I just got back from San Diego! What a trip! you are welcome to message me on my Facebook. My post will be out in a couple of weeks.

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