Top 5 Things to Do in the Grand Canyon
Arizona - June 22, 2020

view of the beginning of the Grand Canyon with water

Bizarrely, we’ve felt the same insignificance standing face to face with this grand creation of nature. And even though we’ve been here during every season, it’s quite impossible to pinpoint any preference. This is because no matter when you see it, Grand Canyon will never fail to awe you with its breathtaking beauty. With so many sights and sounds of this region, like Colorado River Whitewater Rafting and visiting Skywalk & Eagle Point, you will always find something interesting to do. Let’s start with the top 5 things to do in the Grand Canyon.

Bird’s Eye View from Helicopter Ride

To see the full extent of the topography that the Grand Canyon commands, you’ll have to take to the sky. Helicopter rides, although expensive, will give you the opportunity of a lifetime, and one that your family will hold near and dear for the rest of their lives. The rugged beauty of the canyon walls, the snaking Colorado River flowing through it, and the tortured and misshapen sides of the ravine will convince you of the power and might of Mother Nature’s forces. The chopper can land right in the middle of the canyon floor, so not only will you be looking down, you’ll be looking up to the massive walls all around you once you’re inside of it.

Ride to the Canyon Floor

If a helicopter ride isn’t your thing, how about getting to the canyon floor by riding something more down to earth? A mule ride will take a few hours but will afford an excellent educational tour, bring you face-to-face with as many as five magnificent waterfalls, and let you stay overnight in a camp at the base of the canyon.

whitewater rafting in blue raft at Grand Canyon

Colorado River Whitewater Rafting

Another awesome activity is whitewater rafting through the Colorado River, surrounded by the jaw-dropping splendor of the majestic walls all around you. If you have younger kids, you’ll need to brave cataracts in motor-powered rafts, but for older kids and the adults in the family, oar-powered rafts will do the job with a greater rush of adrenaline. 

Native American Dance Routine

If you’re here over the summer braving the Arizona heat, consider yourself lucky. The Navajo troupe shows an electrifying  Native American dance performance that matches in style and authenticity with traditional ones. For this, head over to the Hopi House, which should give you all the information you need about the schedules for the day.

Skywalk & Eagle Point

The Hanging Sidewalk

To find out exactly who in the family is prone to acrophobia, drive up to the horseshoe-shaped glass-bottom sidewalk for some stomach-churning fun. There, you can walk around while being suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River, a relatively new addition at the Grand Canyon National Park

5 Things to do in the Grand Canyon

We’re fairly confident that you’ll never get to see Valles Marineris with your own eyes, the canyon system on Mars that holds the record of being the largest in the entire Solar System. Back on our own planet, however, we’re much more confident that the Grand Canyon won’t disappoint you either. Just keep in mind that while it will mesmerize your soul it will also inject a good dose of humility into it.


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