timi & leslie Marcelle 7-Piece Bag Set in Copper/Saddle
Clothing & Accessories - July 6, 2016

timi leslie marcell

When I receive a timi & leslie bag, I always feel like I am getting the ultimate experience when I open the package.  I know that no matter what, I have something that is quality, well made, fashionable and durable.

The Marcelle 7-Piece Bag Set -in Copper/Saddle does not disappoint.  The color is beautiful and exactly as the name says:  copper.  The clutch is lighter (saddle) and matches the saddle details on the bag and has a credit card holder inside along with a zippered pocket.

TL23401CP.P08I love carrying my bags, but when the two little ones were younger I used the adjustable cross body, detachable strap so I could wear the bag hands free.  This is a great option when you have multiple kids.  I also like to use the stroller straps so I can just reach inside easily when using the stroller.

It comes with a diaper changing pad with a front mesh pocket so you can store diapers, wipes, and cream.  I love the zippered sac to hold/store soiled clothes.  There’s nothing worse than not having something to quickly put them in until you get home.  I used to carry plastic grocery bags which is practical, but having the wet bag that comes with this timi & leslie 7-piece bag is so much classier! lol

Another one of my favorite parts of the the 7-piece bags is the insulated bottle holder.  You will see in my video that I use it for fruits and cold snacks as well.  If you spill something in your Marcelle 7-Piece Bag Set -in Copper/Saddle, don’t worry, it is water-resistant.

Marcelle 7-Piece Bag Set -in Copper/Saddle has a million pockets like all their other bags.  Well, maybe not a million but so many that if you’ve never been organized, you will be now.  It has three exterior pockets and six interior pockets.  You will never lose your keys at the bottom of your bag with the key fob.  This bag is great for someone like me.  I’m always losing everything!  Check out my review below and enter to win your choice of color for the Marcelle 7-Piece Bag Set HERE.


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