Time Management for Parents by Anna Andersen
Free Daily Books - March 12, 2015

81Jnor+kvDL._SL1500_4 Amazing Habits for Getting Things Done: Say Goodbye to Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed, Create Time for Your Own Projects, and Have More Fun with Your Children [Kindle Edition]

Do you wish you had more time in your day?

Stop struggling to do it all and just barely making it through the day.
Say Hello to a happy, creative, and balanced life!

Maybe you dream of starting a project for a noble cause?

Maybe you would love to have some time for yourself and go regularly to the gym?

Maybe you would like to escape your 9-5 grind and see your children grow daily?

It’s extremely challenging as a parent to balance it all and dedicate time to yourself as well.
In the chaos of our busy lives, we too often forget ourselves and end up just running after time and not finding the courage for “big” changes.

But you don’t have to constantly live in survival mode and try to keep up with your busy agenda only to find yourself stressed out, overtired, and not even enjoying the little time you can spend with your children.

You can achieve much more and even free up time for more fun with the family!

I’ve found it helpful to think of these desired changes and goals as a marathon, not a sprint.
Imagine all these thousands of steps that have to be run to cross the finish line. We often want our goals to be achieved quickly, but that leads us to believe that it’s just too difficult to even begin.

However, with a few mental tricks that can switch you to a productive-habits mode, things will actually start to change on their own, and you will suddenly begin achieving your goals without even realizing it. One little step at a time, step by step…

Say goodbye to constantly feeling overwhelmed, create time for your own projects, and have more fun with your children

Inside this book, I’ll share my attempts to live joyfully and presently in our fast-paced world and how I manage to work part-time and find time for my passion of writing, while dedicating and enjoying time with my children.

I’ll show you:

● 4 powerful habits to restore passion in your life, stop feeling overwhelmed, and free up your mind for making things possible

● detailed ways to put yourself in an automatic mode, get you 90 DAILY minutes of laser-focused actions, and make you unstoppable

● 21 concrete tips and action steps to achieve anything you want in your life, even if you struggle finding time for it now or believe you are not capable of it.

What if you could concentrate on just one thing, consistently, and with just a little effort every day?

If you are serious about finally starting that piece of art, that blog, or becoming the parent you always dreamed of being someday…

Then someday is T.O.D.A.Y. !

Grab your copy and immediately apply those tips relevant for you.

Free Bonus
The book comes with a few printable worksheets that make the action-taking even easier to do. Don’t forget to download them.

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