3 Reasons to do Your Back to School Shopping in One Store.
Blog - August 25, 2016


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I had no clue what back to school shopping would be like this year.  I have always done it myself with the kids at home.  I’d go to one store for a backpack and another for shoes, another for clothing.  But when you have two going to school, something has to change.  It’s not easy running around.  The thought of doing all my back to school shopping in one place was exhilarating!


So we took the kids to DICK’s Sporting Goods ®.  We made it a family event.  However, they quickly got sidetracked when they saw the balls, haha.


There are three reasons why everyone should try back to school shopping in one place, like DICK’s Sporting Goods ®.

Reason #1 Get everything in one place.

It was great being in a store where you could get everything you needed for school, like backpacks, clothes, shoes, sports equipment.

backpacksThere’s so much to choose from.  I wasn’t sure where to start!  We got a few items.  Just a few…wink wink.


My older son has been going to Pre-K but since he’s about to turn five in September, his outlook on fashion has changed.  He wants to dress himself.  He loves long sleeves.  He’s actually obsessed with wearing long sleeves, which is not easy to talk him out of, even when it’s 100 degrees out.  He now has a strong voice.  When he wants something, there’s no arguing.  Boys…


He loves his long sleeves, God bless him in this hot weather.

Reason #2  DICK’s Sporting Goods ® has clothes for all seasons.  We got some shorts but we also got this Reebok outfit for the fall.  He loves hoodies too.  This year for my son, it’s all about long sleeves and hoodies.  I think this means he’s growing up.


Another sign that he’s growing up is that he’s into hats.  All of a sudden he wants to wear caps just like his daddy.


He picked out an Under Armour Boys’ Blitzing Stretch Fit Hat II.  Of course we couldn’t leave the store without buying two balls, one for each son.

Reason #3  You can find more than back to school clothing.  You can find everything, including balls!


Don’t run around like a crazy person. Don’t go to Starbucks three times in one day!   Don’t go to the mall for back to school shopping.  Go to DICK’s Sporting Goods ®, save yourself the trouble, the caffeine, and get it done all at once.  Then go home and relax…

My favorite part of shopping at DICK’s Sporting Goods ®, checkout!  Grab some snacks on your way out!


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  1. I always try and buy things starting in July that way I won’t have to buy everything all at once, and I price match at Walmart.

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