Things to do in Winslow, Arizona; A Fun Stop on Route 66
Arizona - June 15, 2023

Are you looking for things to do in Winslow, Arizona? Winslow is a small city located in the northwest part of the state. It is a great place to explore and discover the beauty of nature. From breathtaking landscapes to amazing cultural attractions, Winslow has something for everyone.

Welcome to Winslow sign

Winslow was prominent in northern Arizona for many years. It boasted a Hubble Trading Post warehouse from 1917, which was part of a large retail chain selling Native American goods. In addition, It was the main site for the Santa Fe Railway headquarters.

Winslow Now

Some may say that it has since gone downhill, being saved by an old song. I went back after “driving through” and not stopping. Not even on the corner. It did not look interesting.

However, in going back, while taking a road trip, I was pleasantly surprised and what I came across. Not only is there a great deal to do, but the history and culture are worth exploring. And then, of course, you have a great photo opportunity at Standin’ on The Corner Park.

*NOTE* If you’re taking the kids, keep them entertained with these Car Ride Activities

Take a Road Trip Through Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most iconic and historic highways in America, home to lots of road trips, and Winslow is located right along it. Here are some of the top things to do when visiting this small city in Arizona:

route 66 roadside attraction Standin' on the corner sign

Standin’ on the Corner of Winslow, Arizona

Winslow is home to the iconic corner mentioned in the Eagle’s hit, “Take it Easy,” where they sing “Standin’ on the corner of Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see.” Tourists flock to that corner on Route 66. every year to stand by the It’s a tribute to the writers of the song, Glen Frey and Jackson Browne. The bronze statue is Ron Adamson but resembles Jackson Browne. Then of course you have a mural called “Easy.”

Easy Mural

Here are some of the best things to do while visiting this charming city:

Here is a list of things to do in Winslow, Arizona

1. Visit the Homolovi Ruins State Park: Explore the ancient ruins of the ancestral Hopi people, learn about their culture, and appreciate the breathtaking desert surroundings.

2. Stay at the Iconic La Posada Hotel: This historic hotel is a great place to stay if you’re looking for something different. Not only do they offer luxurious accommodations, but they also have an onsite museum featuring artifacts from the Indians who once lived in this area.

La Posada Hotel

3. Visit Little Painted Desert County Park: Enjoy stunning views of painted rock formations and unique wildlife while exploring this remote corner of Arizona.

3. Explore the Old Trails Museum: Check out this museum which houses artifacts from early settlers and Native Americans, historical photographs, and interesting stories about the area’s past.


4. Take a Guided Tour of Petrified Forest National Park: Discover this amazing park with its unique geological features, colorful petrified wood, and a wide variety of native plants and animals.

6. Shop at Winslow Trading Post: Browse through a variety of authentic Native American artworks, jewelry, pottery, and clothing items for sale at this popular trading post.

9. Watch a Performance at the Winslow Performing Arts Center: Catch a show in this modern theater that hosts symphonies, plays, musicals, and other performances.

10. Attend the Standing Horse Route 66 Pow Wow: Celebrate Native American culture with traditional dancing, singing, drumming, arts and crafts, and more at this popular event.

11. Have an ice cream, coffee, or lunch at the Sipp Shoppe.

12. Take a picture of the Standing on the Corner mural: Check out this iconic mural, depicting musicians singing in the middle of an old-fashioned street.

13. Take a picture of the famous corner of Winslow, Az from the song “Take it Easy by the Eagles.” The lyrics are: “I was standing on the corner of Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see…….”

standing on the corner

14. Visit the 9/11 Remembrance Garden – This memorial was created to honor those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

15. Enjoy an evening stroll along the Interurban Trail – Relax and take in the views of downtown Winslow as you enjoy a peaceful walk or bike ride along this scenic path.

16. Visit Meteor Crater National Landmark – Located just outside of Winslow, this massive meteorite crater is one of the best preserved in the world.

Take a picture with Glenn Frey’s statue at corner park, singer/songwriter and guitarist in the Eagles, famous for the song Hotel California.

17. Stop in at The Nakai Indian Art – This gallery showcases traditional Native American artworks, crafted by local artists.

Tiny Church in Winslow

18. Visit the Tiny Church of the Mother Road – This is the smallest Church in the world.

19. Take a walk on First Street Pathway Park.

20. Visit Rock Art Canyon Ranch. The ranch is privately owned by the Baird family.

21. Visit the Navajo & Hopi Indian Arts & Crafts Center – Check out this center which offers authentic artifacts and crafts from local Native American artists.

22. Attend the Winslow Street Fair – The Standing On the Corner Festival is a family-friendly event with various types of music, food and craft booths, and a beer garden. Kids can enjoy a designated area for them. Come and have fun with us!

23. Visit Snowdrift – a historic walking tour. It’s free!

24. Go shopping at Rhinestones and Bling – Get unique western-style clothing and accessories.

25. Get on the Amtrak and take a scenic train ride.

Moreover, take a detour and visit the Petrified Forest. In this national park, you will find petrified wood, unique geological features, and a wide variety of native plants and animals. You can also take a guided tour and get an in-depth look at the remarkable history of the area.

No matter what activities you decide to do when visiting Winslow Arizona, it’s sure to be a memorable experience!

Welcome to Winslow sign

The city of Winslow is full of fun and interesting things to do, so make sure to check out all that it has to offer on your next visit. From exploring ancient ruins to enjoying traditional cuisine (like Navaho Tacos) and art (Indian Art), you’ll be sure to find something that interests you. Enjoy!

The Rise of the Hit Song “Take it Easy.”

In May 1972, the Eagles released their first single which entered the June 3, 1972 Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 79. Afterwards, the song reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on July 22, 1972. Band member Jackson Brown sang his own version of the song too.

The lead vocal on “Take It Easy” is sung by Glenn Frey. In the second verse, bass player Randy Meisner sings the harmony vocal with Frey, while in the chorus, drummer Don Henley harmonizes on the line “Though we will never be here again. So open up, I’m climbin’ in”..

Additionally, here are the “Take It Easy” Lyrics sung by one of my favorite bands, The Eagles, written by songwriter Jackson Browne and Glen Fry:

“Take It Easy”

Well, I’m a-running down the road

Tryin’ to loosen my load

I’ve got seven women on my mind

Four that wanna own me

Two that wanna stone me

One says she’s a friend of mine

Take it easy, take it easy

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

Lighten up while you still can

Don’t even try to understand

Just find a place to make your stand

And take it easy

Well, I’m a-standing on a corner

In Winslow, Arizona

Such a fine sight to see

It’s a girl, my Lord

In a flatbed Ford

Slowin’ down to take a look at me

Come on, baby

Don’t say “Maybe”

I gotta know

If your sweet love

Is gonna save me

We may lose and we may win

Though we will never be here again

So open up, I’m climbin’ in

So take it easy

Well, I’m running down the road

Trying to loosen my load

Got a world of trouble on my mind

Lookin’ for a lover

Who won’t blow my cover

She’s so hard to find

Take it easy, take it easy

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy

Come on, baby

Don’t say “Maybe”

I gotta know

If your sweet love

Is gonna save me

Oh we got it easy

We oughta take it easy

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