The Top 6 Back to School Essentials
Blog - August 15, 2019

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Here we are again! Another summer blew by and we are rushing out like we’ve never shopped for back to school… again.  Actually, the schools prepare us pretty well by giving us lists.  But every year my “go to” products change and my back to school essentials get narrower.  I am really particular about what the kids need.


Last year,  we shopped for supplies and got some other interesting back to school items, like OOLY.

We discovered OOLY when we did our back to school shopping in 2017, and we haven’t looked back since! We are obsessed with creating our happy with projects like making Bug Hotels and Rock Painting,

We also use OOLY for craft tables and goody bags at Birthday Parties.  Kids never say no to creating their happy.

Recently OOLY came out with color lustre metallic brush markers ,and drawing duet double ended markers, and rainbow sparkle glitter markers.

These are perfect for back to school crafts and play dates!

Right now, with any $60+ or $80 purchase, OOLY is giving away a free gift.  Back to school is so much fun with OOLY!

You can also find them on Amazon.


My boys eat.  I mean they really eat a lot! So, when it comes to packing a lunch, I need to do it carefully.  They need a lot of space in their lunch boxes and they also need to separate their items.  They do not like their stuff touching. Surprise, surprise, right?

Stuck on You Bento Boxes are leak proof, dishwasher safe, BPA/phthalates free and professionally custom-printed with your design.

They have 6 compartments in a handy inner tray that can be removed from the outer box. The lid is lined with a removable leak-proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment.  You can also swap out the normal Bento tray for a 4-compartment sandwich tray.

Stuck on You doesn’t have just Bento Boxes.  They have labels, stationary, gifts and so much more. But we do love our personalized Bento Boxes.


It was about 40 years ago that I moved to the United States from England and the education system there is dramatically different.  When I arrived in 3rd grade I had to learn cursive and all things school related were not the same for me. It was rough for this 8 year-old.  I remember my mom buying me Highlights magazines and really enjoying them.  I’m not sure what it was about them but I felt more at ease as I looked through them and completed little tasks and games.  This year I decided to get them for my sons and they loved them! Of course, they are a little different now….a lot changed in 40 years right? But they still have the basic concepts and are so much fun, especially to take on road trips.  It gives them something to do and they get to learn at the same time.

Earth Mama Kids Mineral SunscreenEARTH MAMA ORGANICS

We’ve always loved Earth Mama Organics, from their teas, to their breastfeeding products.  Their herbal remedies are top of the line.

And now they have mineral sunscreens for mom and kids.  We need it more than ever here in Phoenix!

Earth Mama Lady Face Mineral Sunscreen

They just came out with Lady Face Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 40 and I’m obsessed! I hate wearing a lot of makeup because it just melts off my face but I use sunscreen daily and love a little tint! They come in two shades; light/medium tint and medium/dark tint.  They glide on seamlessly too.

happy boy with dragon bars


I remember as a kid that lunch was one of the most exciting times of day for me.  I obviously was not the studious type, hehe.  But I loved to see what my mom prepared for me and what kind of different snacks were in there.  Now, my boys are the same.  They get so excited over what kind of snacks and lunches they get for school.

dragon bar strawberry banana

They love the new Dragon Bars, an all-natural, organic, healthy kids snack.  They are made with fruit and coconut oil; awesome, healthy, ingredients.  They’re fun to take to school and show their friends that you can eat the paper! How cool is that? Available in 3 flavors; Strawberry, Banana, Pear, Oat, Blueberry, Banana, Apple, Oat, Mango, Banana, Pear, Oat. Available online – Get 10% off using DRAGONS10.

two brothers with their arms around eachother holding backpacks


These boys have to have everything the other one has.  Down to the backpacks.  This year I checked out Pottery Barn Kids because I was tired of our backpacks falling apart.  I was apprehensive because of the price but they were actually not much more than the standard backpack.  Personalizing them only cost us $12.  I was pleasantly surprised.  But these backpacks are sturdy, water resistant and durable.

Oliver got the Mackenzie Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Shark Backpack and Henri got  the Mackenzie Blue Skateboard Camo Backpack.  They are so happy and I love that these backpacks are strong and carry everything they need for school.

Right now they are on sale for 25% off!

This school year should have been the hardest for me when shopping for Kindergarten and 2nd grade, but it actually was the easiest.  The absolute key essentials have gotten narrower because we know what we like.

top back to school essentials

Check out these top 6 back to school essentials.  Which one do you like the best?




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