The Quinoa Cookbook by Sonia Maxwell
Free Daily Books - December 19, 2014


Your Essential Quinoa Recipes For Delicious Meals ((How To Cook With The Quinoa Super Food) Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Very few foods have the distinction of being called a “super food”. Quinoa (pronounced khin-wa) is one of them. It’s tasty appeal makes it a very versatile food, which can be paired with a wide variety of foods including vegetables, chicken, beef and fish, among others. Because of it’s excellent nutritional properties, it is often a staple in many vegan and gluten-free culinary masterpieces.

Is there a single best way to enjoy quinoa? Yes, and that way is called variety. And this is what this book is about.

Analysis Paralysis? No Way.
This book contains 16 of the best recipes for enjoying quinoa pairing it with vegetables, chicken, beef and fish. But you may ask, why only 16 recipes and only 4 food subgroups?

In today’s fast paced information driven society, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with too much information and suffer from analysis paralysis, i.e., the inability to decide due to too much available information. And the last thing we want to happen to you is to not give healthy eating with quinoa a try simply because of being overwhelmed with choices.

We limited it to 16 so you just have enough choices from what we believe to be some of the best quinoa recipes from all over – not too few and not too many.

Certified Delicious
Each of the 16 quinoa recipes featured in this book are not only practical. They are also certified delicious. We believe once you try one, you’ll try them all and be enticed to eat healthy for life.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book and start experiencing the deliciously healthy world of quinoa.

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