The Last Red Dragon by Siobhan Stark
Free Daily Books - April 3, 2015

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Beautiful, curvy Stella Collins is orphaned and must wash clothes for a living. Her life changes dramatically when a rich aunt and uncle offer to adopt her and move her to their castle in the sunny south. Stella’s life is a fairy tale, until she begins transforming into a savage dragon in the light of the full moon.

Harboring this secret, Stella’s existence becomes even more complicated when she must choose between two drastically different men – Jasper, a handsome, amiable distant cousin who lives on a neighboring estate, or dark, brooding Idon, the lord of a large castle in the northern mountains.

Stella finds it difficult to hide her true shifter nature as the chemistry between her and these men grows hotter and out-of-control.

The Last Red Dragon is set in a historic fantasy world and features a BBW heroine. Be prepared for fiery sex and tear-jerking tragedy.

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