The Happiness Handbook by M.J. Young
Free Daily Books - January 15, 2015

71CPfq0i-2L._SL1500_26 Habits of Happy People that Really Work – Based on Breakthroughs in the New Science of Positive Psychology [Kindle Edition]

The Happiness Handbook: 26 Habits of Happy People that Really Work
Based on Breakthroughs in the New Science of Positive Psychology
Aristotle said that “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Why then have so few of us attained happiness? And why is there so much discontent and depression in our society?

According to discoveries in the new science of positive psychology, the reason is that we almost always look for happiness in the entirely wrong places.

I wrote The Happiness Handbook to reveal practices that truly lead to happiness and to teach the habits of people who have actually found happiness, according to scientific research by positive psychologists.

All practices given in the book have been proven, through psychological studies, to increase happiness. Studies have shown that these practices also

reduce anxiety and depression
boost energy
strengthen physical health
improve relationships
make us more creative and capable of succeeding in our undertakings
and result in other benefits.
Although we’ve heard of some of these practices before, the contribution of positive psychology is to identify the practices that actually work, whether they represent old wisdom or new breakthroughs.

The Happiness Handbook is short and to the point. Let it be your little happiness guide that you carry around in your pocket and use to revolutionize the most significant area of your life: your happiness.

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