The Great LEGO® Race is Now Open at LEGOLAND®Florida Resort!
Blog - March 26, 2018


I received complimentary tickets to facilitate this article.  However, all opinions are my own. 

Get ready for The Great LEGO Race, a virtual reality rollercoaster experience, unlike any roller coaster you have ever been on! Just buckle up and put your virtual reality headsets on and get ready to race a long-side Pirate Captain, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Trendsetter, and Wizard through brick-built environments that include a desert, mountain, forest, volcano, and rushing river.

Experience the point of view of a LEGO minifigure race car driver in an original story exclusively created for LEGOLAND® Theme Parks.

The kids were so excited, they RAN to the entrance of LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park.

It’s always so much fun to get to see the everything first!

festivities of The Great LEGO Race.

In the grand opening ceremony, we got to meet all the teams;  Team Pirate, Team Pharaoh, Team Surfer, Team Trendsetter, and Team Wizard getting ready for the opening of  The Great LEGO Race, and it was full of surprises like this show!

festivities of The Great LEGO Race.

Of course, my favorite team is Team Surfer!

Guests must be at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall.

The Great LEGO Race.

Who can ride? 

Under 42 inches (1.06m): Not tall enough to ride yet! Check out other exciting attractions like AQUAZONE Wave Racers, Technicycle, Kid Power Towers, The Dragon, and LEGO NINJAGO® The Ride.

42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m): Can ride without the VR headset when accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years or older and at least 48 inches tall (1.21m), who must ride without the VR headset to supervise his or her companion.

48 inches (1.21m) and above: Can ride with or without the VR headset if he or she is alone. If he or she is supervising a companion rider 42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m), both riders cannot wear the VR headset.

festivities of The Great LEGO Race.

Of course, we didn’t go home after the grand opening and festivities of The Great LEGO Race.

There is so much to see and do at LEGOLAND®Florida Resort! We forgot how much we loved Ninjago World.  Don’t forget the year anniversary of the Beach Retreat! It’s coming up!  Book your special room rate of $135 now! And don’t forget the LEGOLAND® Water Park while you’re there!

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