The DJI Global Mavic Mini is Available at Best Buy
Blog - November 9, 2019

This is a Sponsored Post for Best Buy, however, all opinions are my own.

If you have a tech lover on your holiday list this year, the DJI Global Mavic Mini is going to make for the perfect gift for them. Even though this drone is not very big, it packs a massive punch with all of the tech features that it has in store. 
For those that love to explore, they are going to absolutely love the overhead photography, aerial views and maneuvers, and the real-time first person views that you can experience. With a stabilized 3-axis motorized gimbal camera and 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos, the DJI Global Mavic Mini lets you transform your moments that you capture into memorable works of art.
Just imagine what moments you can capture if you had the ability to capture the moments from above. There are just some things that you can get with a standard hand held camera. The DJI Global Mavic Mini will let you bring those family vacation moments at the beach and even sporting events to life in ways that you never thought possible.
With the Mavic Mini’s QuickShot modes (like Dronie, Circle, Rocket & Helix), you’ll shoot shots & video that are professional looking without having the experience. All you have to do is choose the mode. Even better you can share these videos that you capture immediately on social media.
There are so many features to this drone that you will be surprised you are getting all of this for the price tag!

Ultralight Construction

Weighing under 8.82 oz., Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. This makes it exceptionally portable and places it in the low and safe weight class of drones.

Built-in Stabilized Gimbal Camera

Mavic Mini commands a powerful sensor, offering stunning 12.0MP aerial photos with extreme detail and 2.7K Quad HD videos. A three-axis motorized gimbal provides high camera stability and ensures clear, smooth footage.

Real-time, First-person View of Your Flight

Beam what your drone sees through its camera straight to your phone or tablet using a free iOS or Android app so you can go on a virtual flight, set up great photographs, and monitor telemetry data.

Dedicated Remote Controller

Maintains an HD, low-latency video feed at a distance of up to 4km. Detachable control sticks can be easily stored inside the remote controller for added portability.

Downloadable DJI Fly App with Friendly UI

Offers a simple and intuitive user experience, enabling you to create cinematic shots with just a few taps. It even has Flight Tutorial, a feature to help you get started with Mavic Mini quickly and safely.

Propeller Guards

Reduce the risk of harm or damage to people or objects from accidental collisions with the aircraft.

Safe Flight

Thanks to its downward-vision-sensing system and GPS, Mavic Mini can also hover precisely both indoors and outdoors.

There is so much that you can capture and accomplish with the DJI Global Mavic Mini that you can actually replace some of your other tech gadgets.

When you head to Best Buy to snag your Mavic Mini, you’ll notice two options. Take a look at the Fly More Combo option. Yes, it’s about $100 more, but it’s worth it for the extra accessories, like:

  • A Two-Way Charging Hub that charges up to three Intelligent flight batteries (included) in sequence, so you’ll always have one ready to go. You can even use it to charge your phone!
  • A DJI Mini Bag that holds the drone and the charging hub in style.
  • DIY Creative kit to really personalize your Mavic Mini.
  • Snap Adapter for even more custom options.
  • Extra spare propellers (3 instead of just one)
The DJI Global Mavic Mini

This would make for the perfect and thoughtful gift for the avid tech guru in your life that loves to capture travel and life like never before. Technology is one of the things that makes memories be able to be cherished for a long time to come. With so many options this will let you capture those moments in so many ways!

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